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  1. Dom

    Help for a member of the community - Rob Kinlen

    One of our own is in need of some help. Rob Kinlen was recently diagnosed with Diabetes and his health insurance will not be in place until January. He needs help affording the insulin that will literally keep him alive until his insurance kicks in. Likely some of you don't know Rob by face or...
  2. Dom

    Playing the best game we can

    AGB players, We of the Alliance: Gettysburg staff have had some discussion and we openly admit that we have been slacking in some simple aspects of our game that, though they are not game breaking details, they are areas where we can improve to continue in our goal to run the best game that we...
  3. Dom

    Resolved Plot Death

    I am looking for an official ruling on what constitutes a plot death and what the effects of said death are to be. - Must a plot death be pre-determined? "Player X will be killed by monster/character Z" - Must a plot death be off screen? - Can PvP ever be chalked up to as a plot death? -...
  4. Dom

    Need 1 more person for cabin

    Myself, Ashley and Tyson are going to be short one person to reserve a cabin. If anybody is looking for crash space, please contact me so we can get this ironed out. We are a few dwarves and a hobling if it matters for IG reasons. Thanks
  5. Dom

    Build Cap

    What kind of rate will the build cap be growing by? Equivalent of character build per event with monthly blankets kind of thing or faster?
  6. Dom

    Head of Rules contact information

    I apologize in advance (some cases in post) that I do not check these boards very often. If anybody has any AGB rules related questions, comments or concerns please use any of the following means of contact. email: facebook: I will...
  7. Dom

    Heads of Rules

    I have just taken up HoR for Alliance: Gettysburg and am working on creating a formal, on paper, rules marshal's test. I would be interested to see any other HoR's methods for quickly gauging rules knowledge of potential (and current) marshals. Also, any other resources you have available to...
  8. Dom

    Cabin Arrangements

    Myself and mine are in search of two or so more people who are interested in sharing cabin space at the coming gather in Corheim. Those with a ward would be preferable. Please, be in touch as soon as possible so that we can ensure a space. Dr. Crassirostris
  9. Dom

    The events which took place in Synvia last fall

    I am looking for any and all information anybody can provide of the events which took place within Synvia last fall. Specifically anything pertaining directly to the nightmare storm or the creatures who were spawned from it. I have not yet been able to make my rounds to each group in person...
  10. Dom

    In regards to the Apsuudi

    I have a basic understanding of what it is and how it works I am looking for any information regarding specifics on how creatures of nightmare manifest, gain power, travel or communicate. Any information or examples of nightmare corrupting other beings or rather emulating other beings...
  11. Dom

    Obfuscate scrolls

    I'm lookin' for them because of reasons. The catalyst too. I don't know what it is though. Info on that is good too. This is Ona <--- I look like this
  12. Dom

    Wooden armor

    Wooden armor is clearly listed in the rule book as something that will be awarded 1 point of armor per location. However, non-metallic plate is also listed under what could be awarded 2 points per location. My question is, as an armor marshal, would you award 1 or 2 points to somebody with a...
  13. Dom

    looking for a ward

    Me an a small bit of my family are gonna be visiting your lands very soon and I am looking for a ward. Let me know if anybody can help. Do not get offended but I'm gonna prefer that you are not invested in it. Ona The Arkelian Hunt
  14. Dom


    Sooooo many babies... Ona
  15. Dom

    opinions on vibrams

    I know sneakers are frowned upon as they don't really fit "in period", but I was wondering what peoples opinions were of the vibrams 5 fingers. As my ogre, I've worn mine in game and I know other people who do as well. They're far mor comfortable than boots and I think with the right color...
  16. Dom

    Resolved Resist Fear and Terror

    as per this topic viewtopic.php?f=98&t=14607 Does that mean that Resist Fear does not work on Terror?
  17. Dom

    Making sure

    Just checking to make sure everybody make it out of that crazy place okay. I went through the first portal so don't know now how things went after that.
  18. Dom

    regarding alchemically spewing shiny creatures

    Hello Kupsparians, I just wanted to make an announcement on behalf of the alchemy guild for those who were not present for Aeotesc's address regarding the subject. There are creatures currently roaming the lands of Kupspar that have been exposed to an ancient alchemical substance that has made...
  19. Dom

    Magic Item question

    I heard a rumor that some LCO magic items are being allowed to the event. I was just wondering if I could get a breakdown of the Magic Item rules for the event.
  20. Dom

    Legerdermain kit

    Putting one together and looking for ideas on items to put in it. Keep in mind I live in NY so lockpicking tools are out of the question.