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  1. Darkcrescent

    Winter Expedition - In search of a few more

    Greetings, I stumbled upon an interesting discovery a year back, and am looking for a few individuals, roughly 2-4 to take passage on one of my ships with me to explore. I have a few minor requirements that should be considered: 1) You have spare time this Winter to be gone for up to a month...
  2. Darkcrescent

    Is there a summary of the Oct Market?

    I was present at various points this market but do we have a collective summary of events or accounts? I would advise all to remark here instead of funneling to 1 or 2 people. The Puzzler- Nora - being older than Fae - resembles a female with green eyes, pink hair and a surprisingly friendly...
  3. Darkcrescent

    All part of zhe plan!

    Friends, and even those that can't stand me--you know who you are, hello anyways! By now you've heard Vorg's invitation. I just want to tell you it's 100% legit. No strings attached, no treachery, a simple invitation. But why now? Also wait, THE legendary warrior, made famous with his exploits...
  4. Darkcrescent

    Spring in Evodia

    Greetings everyone, Now that Winter is over, things have settled and a new year is upon us for Evodia. I know I've been looking forward to getting back to a more outdoor related routine. What has everyone else been up to in the months following the war's end? On a related note, what other task...
  5. Darkcrescent

    Letters to the Editor

    (Below is a teaser for the 2020 National Event in Chicago) Dear Editor, Is Simmon single? When will he have his first book signing? Does he like apples or plums? I bet he’s a plum person. Anyway, I loved his debut work The Tidal King, the character of Sebastian “Sebas” Montgomery was a...
  6. Darkcrescent

    The Olothen Attack in 2 weeks

    I wanted to remind people that in 2 weeks Frederick, zhe Minotaur general of the Olothen Empire will be assaulting somewhere on the Northern coast of the Ternian Empire. They plan to sale and they are well aware of our strength. As mentioned, Frederick Minotauros has a regen upon his spirit, it...
  7. Darkcrescent

    Task this Market

    Has anyone been able to learn of anything that may be beneficial to our pursuits? Any leads on Lillian or Ghauld? Other bits of information regarding Royalist movements or potential targets? - Sgt Cassandra
  8. Darkcrescent

    The Iron Cassk --Oct Gathering

    The last setup of the Iron Cassk for the season. New drinks and old favorites. I'll be set up all weekend for any special drink needs. Ice Cold drinks provided below: Available 9 evening bells Friday to 10 evening bells Saturday. Small 3 silver, Large 5 silver. Coalition members receive a...
  9. Darkcrescent

    Blacksmithing Services - October - Cass

    Hi, I am taking orders for production this next gather. Currently I am wide open for any needs. As a Master smith, I am able to produce a good number of items, but I will not have access to a workshop to go beyond my normal limits. Normal rates are twice the cost to produce in most cases. Let...
  10. Darkcrescent

    Bad OOG Ritual Flaws/Backlashes

    After Ritual marshalling at least 40 rituals since launch I've noticed that 2.0 scrolls mostly have one if not both of the below flaws/backlashes on them: 1) Target becomes depressed for the remainder of the event. 2) Targets mood changes to pessimistic for the remainder of the event. Now...
  11. Darkcrescent

    Actions to tackle this market?

    I wanted to get this out here to discuss what task we want to resolve this market. We have been here for almost 4 months now and have made great strides, but there are still issues to handle. What plan do we have to combat banditry? Are there more of Evoder’s secrets to uncover? Rumor is a...
  12. Darkcrescent

    Blacksmithing Services - September - Cass

    Hi, I am taking orders for production this next gather. Currently I am wide open for any needs. As a Master smith, my workshop can produce quite a lot. Let me know what you need and I’ll be happy to make it! - Cass
  13. Darkcrescent

    Task for the August Gathering

    What task do people need aid with this gathering? What things need looking into? Is there information learned that may be of use? Asher
  14. Darkcrescent

    Earthen Ritual Services - August

    Greetings, I will be available for small or large Ritual batches this coming market. If you're looking for something Truly Empowering, I am able to do those feats of wonder. I charge the following for my services. I do not expect to be around until middle of next year, so if you need your big...
  15. Darkcrescent

    Rituals and Their Catalyst (Erabella)

    For those aspiring to be ritual casters, or those who need to know what each Ritual does, I present a compiled list all known rituals and their catalyst. Note this data is based off the old Rituals of Fortanis and I'll update the new catalyst and new scrolls when people discover them. Scroll...
  16. Darkcrescent


    After a journey to the In-Between and returning through the Mist it occurred to me that there was truly nothing left in The Wildlands. I had my physical home, sure, as well as the Forge Jehyu built and the lumber mill I established with York. There were buildings, objects, tokens, but no one...
  17. Darkcrescent

    Summon Magical Creature Scroll

    The list of Scrolls on the forum only list the base difficulty and its description is under the Summon Extra Planar Creature scroll; likewise Summon Magical Creature list the Panthergast description. Are the increased reagent cost and difficulty different per chapter, which is why its blank ir...
  18. Darkcrescent

    The Iron Cassk (Cold Brews) Returns

    If there were two things I was good at in the Iron Crows back in Terna, it was Blacksmithing and pouring drinks. With this gathering being a hot one, I thought it would be good to bring back the drink bar I brought to The Wildlands last year. Ice Cold drinks provided below: Available 9 evening...
  19. Darkcrescent

    July Blacksmithing Services - Cass

    Hi, I am taking orders for production this next gather. Currently I am wide open for any needs. As a Master smith, my workshop can produce quite a lot. Let me know what you need and I’ll be happy to make it! Kallith- I already have your strengthened Shield and arrows created for your arrival...
  20. Darkcrescent

    Food, Services or other goods being sold?

    Good evening, I am curious with this upcoming gathering if there will be anyone selling goods, services, or food outside of the normal production goods. I think it would be also good to let anyone know what you may be offering, to let others with coin become aware. I had heard stories of a...