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  1. Draven

    Discussion Thread Alliance Las Vegas

    Not my place to turn the forums into a flame-war by posting them. I’d prefer to leave that to active participants.
  2. Draven

    Discussion Thread Alliance Las Vegas

    I have zero horses in this race, but the things that I’ve heard from continuing Alliance players with both firsthand and secondhand knowledge is...concerning. I don’t begrudge the Alliance to any degree, and I would love for it to continue to provide an incredible experience for those who play...
  3. Draven

    A Fond Farewell and Here's to the Future

    Most of the player base in Seattle (and I expect Oregon) has not previously experienced a split, so I suspect that wording is to prevent questions of that nature.
  4. Draven

    Alliance SoMI is Closing

    I wish you and your community amazing adventures in this next chapter for you all.
  5. Draven

    Members of Alliance

    You make assumptions about the intent of people that, frankly, I know better than you do, and you dare condescend to me about who has the open mind? People shouldn’t be forced to stay in an organization that presents little to no incentive to be in. That’s just business sense. Forcing them to...
  6. Draven

    Members of Alliance

    People are airing legitimate grievances with the process used to transfer ownership, alongside their issue with the individuals now responsible for the Veto Hammer, and you’re boiling those concerns down to a goal of sowing division, and that you’re embarrassed to have played with those who are...
  7. Draven

    Members of Alliance

    This. The transfer of the Alliance organization was clearly done without good faith towards the owners who’ve invested themselves significantly in their chapters. I am unable to see a reason for them to expend their energy and commitment in a partnership that shows little to no upside.
  8. Draven

    Members of Alliance

    A neutral observation: None of my posts appear to have been pruned outside of an exchange between myself and an Ashbury player that was irrelevant and unnecessary to this conversation; I’m genuinely glad it’s gone. My posts are both critical of the new ownership and pro-split, so I suspect...
  9. Draven

    Members of Alliance

    I commend the professionalism and wisdom in your post, and the spirit with which you write it. You’re good people. That being said, I hope every owner also questions the value that the Alliance organization brings to their local communities. Saving the Alliance is only worth it if the...
  10. Draven

    Members of Alliance

    You bought the Alliance despite having a poor relationship with the people who would work with you. The relationship these communities have with the National organization is purely opt-in. If those chapters dissolve, it doesn’t mean those communities disappear, they simply choose to do something...
  11. Draven

    Members of Alliance

    Frankly, I’m disappointed in Mike V and Jesse for apparently handing the organization off to new ownership without clearly discussing that with the chapter owners. That demonstrated a remarkable disregard for what has always been a partnership at the highest level. I expected better. Based on...
  12. Draven

    Members of Alliance

    Ah, the life of a lawyer?
  13. Draven

    Members of Alliance

    @Auric You should probably also redact Mike V’s personal contact info, such as his phone number.
  14. Draven

    Members of Alliance

    This thread is the perfect example of why this needed to happen. The sniping, bickering, and bordering lack of civility is evidence that the National relationship has deteriorated to a likely irreparable level. I, for one, will be celebrating those communities that choose to split off; to be...
  15. Draven

    How does Infection work?

    Based on the RAW, there’s no RAW cure for Infection, and the rules for Infection indicate that the only cure for it is Resurrection, unless other Plot (thus LCO) cures for Infection are present. From a writing approach, I expect that when the wording for Resurrection was written, an error...
  16. Draven

    Alliance LARP ownership transfer

    With the sale, were any components of the rules lost due to ownership (races, as an example)?
  17. Draven

    Scroll Traps and Eldritch Force Spells

    How does one use Trap Avoidance on a wall Spell, in your example?
  18. Draven

    That one thing you bought.

    A faux fur mask made by a friend who has been making masks for pretty much forever. I have always been self-conscious about my admittedly terrible makeup skills, plus it always took so much time. I can’t even begin to say how many Sundays I just noped on because it wasn’t worth the effort. The...
  19. Draven

    what age for a page in pa

    Hey hey! Check this out: There should be contact information for staff for the Northeastern PA chapter. I recommend using that to reach out to them for local specifics. :)
  20. Draven

    Most Sold Back Skill Infograph March 2020

    I enjoy watching @Tantarus activate his Spell Store.....since he doesn’t have spells and thus needs incants...