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    How to fix Doom Blow, your thoughts?

    I would like to flesh out my suggestion for what I'd tentatively call Resourceful Action: a /60 stealth skill that allows the use of one (1) choice from a small list of options. Suggested choices include: 1. Three uses of Assassinate, using the character's Assassinate damage. 2. Three uses of...
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    Poll: Lets talk about DoomBlow

    I get that, but I do have a counterpoint to offer: monsters do not have infinite resistances. Using up a Resist is a valuable thing to do, but it is wasteful to target more than one kind of delivery and Effect Group when wearing a target down in that way. The results of a burned Resist Magic...
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    How to fix Doom Blow, your thoughts?

    I meant to post this in the original thread a few days ago but work got in the way. I'm reproducing my thoughts here.
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    Poll: Lets talk about DoomBlow

    Specifically as a high level earth adept, Doom Blow feels 100% superfluous, because I can spellstrike Doom and that is almost always strictly better. Frankly, the ability to kill small to mid-range targets doesn't seem to need any help using a Stealth-focused skill set, and against big targets...
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    Ritual Batches from different chapters LCO and Restricted

    You should have two tags, one being the Restricted item tag and the other being the LCO tag. Whether the LCO tag contains all the rituals or just the LCO batch is eventually up to that chapter; I can see arguments for both options, leaning toward separate tags if the durations do not match up.
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    Questions regarding age restrictions

    You can play at the New Hampshire chapter at age 16 with only one restriction, that being that an adult family member/guardian must be on site while you are there because the chapter staff cannot act on your behalf in an emergency. @Videa Logistics and @ZeroDonavan can give you more detailed...
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    Riposting Blow + United Blow

    I have actually previously confirmed with ARC that United Blow can be used in conjunction with Riposting Blow and does not expend a spell, so if your riposte is a damage call you can add your highest damage United Blow option to it gratis. You cannot, as I was firmly told, add more than one...
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    The reality of the staff rules

    Staff is a cheap weapon with restricted usage because Alliance is rooted in LotR/D&D-style tropes, and frankly staff is for wizard. There is no "monk" style class, and with apologies to Little John, no design intention to have staff be an offensive world-beater. It's meant to be a primarily...
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    Fortress clarifications

    1. That is likely an oversight, it should be Weapon Qualifier attacks. 2. No, Fortress stops Weapon blows of 10 or less. No damage is not lessdamage than 10, it is simply no damage at all. 3. Yes, any effect that causes the player to break the physical requirements ends the spell. That could...
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    Class and School Breakup September '19

    Clearly the only reasonable solution is to join every single plot team.
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    Class and School Breakup September '19

    For sure. I think, actually, that is one of the reasons why Fighter may be more popular than Rogue: it's literally and idiomatically much more straightforward. If your general goal is "Hit monster until it falls down" then Fighter is a much simpler path to that end point. Rogue-style fighting is...
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    Class and School Breakup September '19

    In my experience it is quite common for Rogues (and Adepts!) to grab archery and often default to longbow/shortsword as the most versatile base weapon set. Yeah, the base damage is lower than a Fighter's would be, but the ability to meditate back Assassinates (or United Blow spells!) makes it an...
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    Class and School Breakup September '19

    I don't know if this is a massive contributing factor to overall low numbers, but I do know that it is something that I personally notice a lot while trying to rogue, and make a real effort to not do when NPCing.
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    Class and School Breakup September '19

    I think that's a fair interpretation of the data, but I think it's not the only interpretation, and looking to adjust something as fundamental as base damage scaling is a difficult ask based on an interpretation. This is particularly true because, as mentioned, the Stealth skill set isn't...
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    Class and School Breakup September '19

    Yeah, I really think it's important to consider how much more versatile the Stealth tool kit is. Especially with the statement that "a dip into Alchemy 3 is pretty easy for anyone" that's true - except for Fighters. Also, bear in mind that a Fighter who is investing heavily, or close to...
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    Class and School Breakup September '19

    Backstab isn't intended to help rogues be absolute damage machines, it's to give rogues a different style of similar damage output. Rogue damage is less reliable but much faster, which allows fitting truly impressive bursts of damage into small windows of opportunity. Compare Assassinate damage...
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    Purchasing Skills

    A purchase cannot count towards its own prerequisite.
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    Ritual Casting Rules

    I believe the "focus" in question refers to possession of or ability to read the ritual scroll. The caster should be role-playing the ritual for the duration of the casting time, and that role-play requires them to have access to and ability to make use of the ritual scroll. If they are, for...
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    Two handed Weapons and Critical Attack

    It was discussed, and it was decided that the weapon size scaling on Slay was the preferable and sufficient way to increase 2-handed weapon burst damage. One of the central focus points of the 2.0 rules writing process was to reduce repeatable high number damage calls, and there was a concern...
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    Explosive traps as grenades

    Yeah, let me back up Ben that with Traps in particular there is a strong precedent that the spirit of the rules (which supersedes unusual interactions based on wording or vagueness) is that they must be armed in the area they will be affecting and that "creative use of game mechanics" is...