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  1. Grayoak

    Has anyone built a Saber (Fencing) for Larp?

    Hello, I had recently gotten interested in Fencing, particularly with the Saber. Something about speed fighting like they do is appealing to me, and I was hoping to translate that interest into my character. However, I've never even made a normal sword yet, and wouldn't know where to begin with...
  2. Grayoak

    Two Small Shields?

    Hello! In my process of making a good character, I had an idea that made me think. I want a pacifist type character, where he doesn't do damage outright. (At least with weapons. "Too Barbaric.") However, I also wanted him to be able to defend himself well in combat. My first thought was to...
  3. Grayoak

    World History?

    Hello! I am not a player as of yet, though I aim to change that once I have more free time. I had an idea for a character that was a sort of historical storyteller (a questionably old MWE/ Sylvanborn). However, I can't find anything on the history of Fortannisas a whole. Am I just blind, and...