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  1. Alor

    All Adventurers

    Welcome to Fury Falls, You may call me Althea. No, I’m not the official welcome wagon for this town, nor anyone the town realizes is important just yet. None of you have met me, though a few of you have heard of me in passing, and many of you know my lunatic of a father. I do hope you enjoy...
  2. Alor

    September Favorites

    You have 'em, we want 'em
  3. Alor

    Like Mist Through My Fingers (AGB Opener Teaser)

    A new problem has crept into town from the coast - hundreds of will'o'wisps have been seen in the forests not far from town and Deadwalk has seemed inundated with drowned corpses. Farmers are terrified and all forms of tradesmen are abandoning the area in droves. Can the local and foreign...
  4. Alor

    Seeking a ward

    I and at least one companion will be out of our usual environs, and attending this coming gathering. We need to obtain a Ward starting sometime Friday night. Does anyone have one available for sale? Thank you in advance, Alor
  5. Alor

    Seeking to buy ritual supplies

    I am seeking to purchase the following scrolls, and components that will aid in the casting of said rituals Summon Extraplanar Creature Summon Panterghast Warder Glyph Race Reaver Prices to be negotiated based on my need and the possessor's needs. I can be contacted via messenger...
  6. Alor

    Ritual text web page?

    I know there was an online listing of basic ritual texts until recently, but now the references I can find to the page (which was hosted by Seattle) appears to be down. Has it been removed from public viewing, or is it just down? Thanks!
  7. Alor


    Copies of this note are posted in the environs of Fury Falls. The handwriting is quite elegant, and the signing monogram is embossed deeply in each copy. “My Lords and Ladies, Adventurers, Commoners, and all those with the means to attend, With the approval of the Merchant’s Guild, we have a...
  8. Alor

    a new posting

    Fellow People of Barran, We, the families known as Yarkoan, jan Gaiztoak, Neyshan, jan Heziya, Dintoak, born of the Red Back Spider Tribe, take great pride in this announcement. Our families as a whole have chosen to depart from old ways that no longer fit us, and with Imperial approval, have...
  9. Alor

    March Event Teaser "A More Perfect Union"

    "A More Perfect Union" Plague infected creatures are seen more and more often in the weeks leading up to the first true thaw of the year, and rumors surface of a village’s population disappearing after being visited by a strange little girl. Can the adventurers, foreign and local, help the...
  10. Alor

    Posted in Gathering Places throughout Barran

    These notices are found posted throughout Barran in Guild Halls, Taverns, and other places of gathering. Let it be known that all members and segments of the Yarkoan, jan Gaiztoak, Neyshan, jan Heziya, Dintoak families of the tribe currently known as Red Back Spider are summoned to the family...
  11. Alor

    Posted in taverns and public spaces near Fury Falls

    My Dearest Student, I understand you have been attempting to contact a number of entities in regards to extending your life. Silly child, you should have just come to me, though I do understand your wish to keep your looks, exquisite as they are. Come find me in Fury Falls over the next few...
  12. Alor

    PC or NPC prereg!!!!!

    Hey everybody! We're trying to cast roles and pre stat as much as possible. If you've already pre regged, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. If you haven't, please do, as soon as possible. Thank you!
  13. Alor

    An Open Letter to All Adventurers

    To all Adventurers and Traveling Heroes, The offices of the Council of Betters invites you to the town of Fury Falls within the northern reaches of the Azure Empire of Tel'Al Anor. Your services are desired and requested to investigate a series of mystical doorways that have been opening in...
  14. Alor

    Warrants of the Crown

    <this posting begins to appear throughout Geistbadden, focusing on the area of the central town's tavern and any extant Guild buildings and offices> To any and all who are wanted for arrest or judgment within the Kingdom of Islan Tel'Nava, I shall be in the environs of the Barony of...
  15. Alor

    April Event, Who's Coming?

    So who's coming? PC or NPC? In all seriousness, knowing who's NPCing would be incredibly useful...
  16. Alor

    Opening event?

    So who's coming? PC or NPC? I'm actually on the light side this time :)
  17. Alor

    Teasers, Announcements, and Rumors

    We have a lot planned for the 2013 season! Six events are planned to take place throughout Barran, and we're looking forward to having fun with everyone on both sides of the fence. In additions to teasers for each event, we'd like to give people an idea of what's going on in the world around...
  18. Alor

    Rumors and General Knowledge

    (OOG Note: The following items are common knowledge in Barran and are readily heard being talked about in taverns, among caravans, and in towns and villages in both nations. Some players may gain more information about them through their winter and successive plot write ups and responses) In...
  19. Alor

    Newspaper Contest

    Greetings Alliance Gettysburg Players! A newspaper will be making some appearances in game during the 2013 season, and we are running a contest to decide its name. As a prize we'll be creating a random magic item (no necro or other IG illegal effects), and that winner will be decided by a vote...
  20. Alor

    Bigger Map!

    Hi all, You can find the bigger map at: ... ayer_.html I had to start a 4shared account to get this up, but I wanted to make sure people got it as quickly as possible without sending millions of emails. Thanks!