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  1. Ryan W

    July 2019 Favorite Moments!

    I had a great time with everybody last weekend! Coming into your unique chapter with its depth and colorful plot lines and characters really helps me feel like I’m stepping into another world. Acarthia adventures tally ho! Mingling with folks Friday and enjoying everything until undead attack...
  2. Ryan W

    February 2019 Favorite Moments!

    I had such a great time with you all! I love your chapter and players :D Thank you everybody who helped me with rides and good company! You made my weekend possible. The crippling cold freezing my lungs into ice crystals was an adjustment, but I like to think I handled it well enough. I'm...
  3. Ryan W

    Opening for January Game

    I’ll probably be arriving late.
  4. Ryan W

    [.11] Lets talk about Counteract

    We can’t plan a magic item system for Alliance around what a chapters staff might make an LCO scroll you can gobby. That’s upto the chapter to decide if they want that scroll on their list, and how many LCO rits each character is allowed. The results from the conversation of magic items is also...
  5. Ryan W

    [.11] How were Celestial casters for the playtests?

    I played a Celestial Caster at 3 playtests so far, each with a tweaked build. My 1.3 character is a formal specialist with a 5th column and 65 formal. First playtest was a 9th column and 35 formal. I had lots of spells that were resisted through out nearly the entire weekend, except for when I...
  6. Ryan W

    December and 2.0 ?

    I would really like for next months event to be another playtest. I fully support more opportunities for people to experience the system with their characters before it goes live. I agree that death during a play test should not stick, and I think December is a great opportunity for the amazing...
  7. Ryan W

    Through the Portal

    I’ll definitely be there. -Guildmaster Luke Bluwolf
  8. Ryan W

    November Gather Information.

    I was already planning on going through to explore and greet the locals. I’ll see you there. Luke Bluwolf Celestial Guildmaster
  9. Ryan W

    [.11] Oregon Playtest - Sept 21-23 - Thoughts and Musings

    So my official review for play test in Oregon is as follows: people were able and willing to adapt to the new rules and effects. There were times when it was difficult to remember all of the new rules and what was on your card but for the most part I’m pretty sure that that sort of thing will go...
  10. Ryan W

    Looking for a place to stay

    Hey Brayden. You're welcome to come bunk with me. I typically only have 1 other person staying with me on a semi-regular basis so there's plenty of room. Luke Bluwolf
  11. Ryan W

    February Favorite Moments

    Here's a shout out to the lowbies for saving me from a Valenzian Luke Doyle slaying me in the night! Also I want to comment that this event I had the most arrogant moment in this characters history where a fae queen offered Luke power 3 times while he was doing a ritual. Each time he refused...
  12. Ryan W

    March 2018 Pre-Registration

    How updated is this list?
  13. Ryan W

    Town Loot

    That sounds reasonable and enjoyable. I'd be delighted to talk about it IG. My character enjoys both philosophical debates and conversations aimed at the progression and effectiveness of town policies that makes the game better.
  14. Ryan W

    Town Loot

    I love how Oregons community is far more willing to stick with town loot. Seattle is collapsing right now and it's going to be turning into a free-for-all soon. Meaning it's a competition for loot and you can't enjoy the fight or the plot anymore. This is because people are stealing loot by not...
  15. Ryan W

    Celestial Guild stock

    I've updated the list for Whispering winds as well. For those it may concern, The Royal Celestial Guild of Stradyn has not given me a set price for rituals, so I'm unable to provide exact prices. My aim for visions and lores are more or less 4-6 gold with 2-4 gold for whispering winds since...
  16. Ryan W

    Celestial Guild stock

    Greetings citizens and friends! The Royal Celestial Guild of Stradyn is low on supplies. We're currently looking for the following to better serve the people and the crown... Visions (This item is the highest priority of the list) Lores Whispering Winds Planar Asylums Planar Gate/ Catalyst...
  17. Ryan W

    Seeking Celestial Spell book

    It's pretty cheap for the first few spells. They're normally something like 2-4 copper per spell level depending on the lands you're in. At our next gather come speak with me and we can go over some options, but I have a spare with a few simple spells in it you can have and we can build on.