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  1. DracoIam

    Silvered Weapons roll call!

    My fee for silvering service is 3 gold per provided weapon. I have a few weapons in stock. Gertrude the Gruntuled
  2. DracoIam

    Crafting services Agust

    I will be available for orders and trading all weekend. Get your orders in. Gertrude
  3. DracoIam

    Advertising in The Mistwalker Journal

    Is it possible to advertise the Gruntuled Dwarf crafting services? Gertrude the Gruntuled Master Blacksmith Master Potion maker Tinkerer of Traps, Alchemy and Scrolls
  4. DracoIam

    July Menu & Kitchen details

    Will a wash bucket be provided so we can wash our cups?
  5. DracoIam

    Rice Bar

    Friday night I and some of my group will be selling a late evening meal. 1 gold for a bowl of rice and your choice of toppings. About 10pm to 1am. All local guards, guild members, Adventures and faction supporters welcome. Any topping preference should be requested now. - Gertude
  6. DracoIam

    July Alchemy and Trap Crafting Services

    Scroll traps please. Just one batch please. -Gertrude
  7. DracoIam


    As a person who travels I would like it if we could use the CMA MI tags would mean I could have my Armor when I travel easily.
  8. DracoIam

    Help with an idea

    I have an idea for a trap rep that I need help thinking about. Scroll traps mean Awaken scroll traps, I think an old bell fashion alarm clock would be the best rep, but how to set up the trigger?
  9. DracoIam

    July Blacksmithing Services - Cass

    Remember that locks and keys tied close to the lands of Evodia are also an option. -Gertrude
  10. DracoIam

    Utah 3 day

    I will be going to the Utah 3 day event over labor day weekend. If anyone else is interested. I'm flying Delta. If anyone has small crafts they want me to sell for them let me know. I do know that there is also a Seattle 3 day event and a Chicago that same weekend. -Andrea playing Gertude
  11. DracoIam

    Kitchen Goblin Stamps

    Just wondering if those that helped in the kitchen were also getting goblin stamps or dragon stamps. Or if the in game reward was it. Thanks.
  12. DracoIam


    Can we use the CMA to prereg?
  13. DracoIam

    Crafting services Agust

    I am going to make the journey though the mists from my current home to yours in late August. I make things. If anyone has preorders I can work on the in my spare time at home. I'm a Master Blacksmith, Master Potion maker, able to Throw Traps and Alchemy, and basic Scroll making. My first two...
  14. DracoIam

    Visiting 3 day Agust

    Hi I'm Andrea playing Gertude from Minnesota. I just purchased my plane tickets to come to your labor day weekend 3 day event and was hoping to get a little help. I would like to borrow; A two handed rep, any, polearm for preference. Pillow Camp chair. I am also looking for a ride to and from...
  15. DracoIam

    Town Box Update

    Yes necro can be canalized but it is good to have a responsible way to ensure that the necessary is not being used and there for corrupting the land and making it easier for natural necromancy to form. Padding the town take as you say is a good thing, helping to grow the economy. And later if...
  16. DracoIam

    June Crafting Services

    Scroll traps have perked my internet when you have spare time in your first or second batch. - Gertude
  17. DracoIam

    Town Box Update

    A full earth celestial and Alchemy books should be stocked, I have a full set to copy from and the box can pay for the ink. Also perhaps an agreement to purchase mostly useless/ situational scrolls like Forsee the weather, March of the untiring. As well as a reward for turning in necromancy for...
  18. DracoIam

    Big West 2019 - Favorite Moments

    I'm Andrea playing Gertude the only female dwarf from Minnesota. - payment of a retainer to the foxkin trap maker so I wouldn't get shanked. And getting to help him out at other points. We all are only one false move from losing everything. -Daper allowing me to give him a nickname of Daper...
  19. DracoIam

    Here to Help New Adventurers

    If you are in need of building your weapon and armor stores come to me. I do good work and have some things in stock. -Gertrude the Gruntuled Dwarf
  20. DracoIam

    Food, Services or other goods being sold?

    Coin purses that I have made and some other useful things, depends on what I can fit. Gertude