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  1. Rebecca Sager

    Gaming in the Time of Coronavirus (PC Gaming)

    Darthmama on Steam and Diablo 3. If folks are playing City of Heroes I'm @Forbidden Flower
  2. Rebecca Sager

    For the Patchwork of Unaffiliated Adventurers

    With the snows melting and our traveling boots itching I would like to let our newer folks know I am here to help. Don’t know where you’re sleeping? The bunny will find you a bunk. Don’t know where to go to help with things? I’ll find you a job and it’ll likely pay too! Need food...
  3. Rebecca Sager

    Feb One Day Favorites!

    I promise I did have a good time even if I seemed grumpy and cranky! Blue was grumpy and cranky! High Points for the event! 1. Fae Talks - I didn't say much mostly because Blue was terrified to say the wrong thing. Having heard so many horror stories and gotten so many warnings seemed...
  4. Rebecca Sager

    Seeking to Arrange an Audience

    Dear Mr. Agent, Thank you for your benevolent patience with us. I’m Squire Blue and look forward to meeting you for discussions that shall no doubt leave both of our Courts happy. Sincerely, Squire Blue of Dragonreach
  5. Rebecca Sager

    Jan 2020 Thanks and Favorites

    I had a great time though it might not seem it later cause I was exhausted. I noticed this at afters that most of us did cokes for the caffeine. Seemed like a great compliment to the plot and npcs. ;) Favs in no particular order! The props - I remember seeing that gear machine and my brain...
  6. Rebecca Sager

    Favorites October 11th-13th

    Weekend was great! Thank you much to the plot team, npcs, and kitchen folks who make the weekend possible. Highlights include: 1. Friday night Biata Mod. I could not figure out what was going on and Kanki getting shattered scared the crap out of me. I actually was panicking oog that I was...
  7. Rebecca Sager

    Thoughts on the Rumors

    General warning on the wisps. Last time they were in an area we found these crystal stones with markings on them afterwards. DO NOT TOUCH THEM! Use a cloth or gloves when removing them. They do some kind of mental compulsion that will hurt when you fight it. Be safe!
  8. Rebecca Sager

    Goals for the Gathering

    Illarion that meeting for Jake is scheduled for Saturday morning. I’m thinking Wisp hunting Friday night?
  9. Rebecca Sager

    Goals for the Gathering

    I would like to investigate these Biata rocks more. I haven’t been able to research them like I wanted due to other matters. If someone knows something about these stones or might be able to get that information through fancy magic means I don’t possess I would be very grateful. I would also...
  10. Rebecca Sager

    Why don't you NPC?

    I usually try to make it a point to go npc a little bit when I play, usually in the morning because my internal clock has me up and moving before most people are conscious. I like being the resident morning alarm monster to let people know play time is on. There isn't much I dislike about...
  11. Rebecca Sager

    The Oni and Stonerest

    Can we get a description, weaknesses, strengths, and expected shenanigans they attempt? Some of us greener folks have never seen or dealt with an Oni. I certainly haven’t and didn’t even know there was two types. If we need special things to purge them it would be good to know so those...
  12. Rebecca Sager

    Dragonfall Favorites

    Not sure Keir but I would love to read it! If you’re nervous about the length then just leave a link to a google doc maybe?
  13. Rebecca Sager

    Dragonfall Favorites

    So many high points! I'm still suffering character whiplash I think from Blue being so low to so high emotionally in a span of...maybe 3 hours? 1. Mill Ritual mod - was fun to role play out a ritual that was magic and not? Totally stealing the concept for how Blue does any actual rituals in...
  14. Rebecca Sager

    Reward for Recovering Dagger

    Ilarion, I remember the dagger. I’ll see if I can take some folks and get it next time I’m in the isles. Uh not positive when that is cause things but we’re getting your dagger back at some point dang it!
  15. Rebecca Sager

    Biata feathers help

    Late to the party while hunting other things but here! Might I recommend pros-aide? It’s a stronger adhesive than spirit gum and stayed pretty well for my husband’s latex orc prosthetics in August. We only had to reapply 1 time and that was after a close to 24 hour period of it being on since...
  16. Rebecca Sager

    Thank you

    Aww we love the Beryl and not just for the awesome cookies! I'm sad I didn't get to really sit and chat, I honestly was a mess most of the event. Still had fun though and was good to see folks! Plot and NPCs deserve all the love for destroying themselves in the humidity as always. So much to...
  17. Rebecca Sager

    Our Upcoming Market Day

    I can help with happy fun gas time, I just don’t have many globes to throw. Anyone got some to donate or be bought?
  18. Rebecca Sager

    Chaos Portal MagicItems - Bidding will Open on June 6th at Noon(ish) update with close

    Is that cup refillable? Someone’s gonna be angry if a thirsty person drank all their storms without knowing or they spilled it.
  19. Rebecca Sager

    So let's talk about Steepfall (what'd we call it again?)

    Darn it! Thanks Mr. Banradi for the correction. How does anyone keep this stuff straight? Also I like Sarr’s Hallow. Please name it that! I did have a question cause I’m confused. Is this a military outpost or just a place like Valborough that’s where adventurers kinda live? Are we all...