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  1. J'rajj


    This poster is put up inside the flaming skull and around town. (and the dreaming too, I guess. if images can be dreamed)
  2. J'rajj

    Need to contact the owner

    Hey, I'm not sure how to best contact the owner, I sent him a PM a couple weeks ago but haven't heard back. I'm sure he's very busy. Any assistance, be it with the owner or another person in charge, would be appreciated.
  3. J'rajj

    How do I get in contact with the owner?

    My friends and I donated $60 to the utah fundraiser, I've emailed utah logistics at almost 2 weeks ago and still havent heard back.
  4. J'rajj

    May 12 opener favorites

    I guess i'll make the thread. This one was a lot of fun! including, but not limited to: The scouting mission where stealth and sneakiness was paramount. Probably my favorite mod of all time, there should be more stealth mods. Also props to Sam for convincing me to take co scout last year The...
  5. J'rajj

    Are Flails a thing?

    Flails. I was playing For Honor and remembered that flails exist. I've never seen anyone use one in alliance, and I looked through the weapons section of the rules and there is no rule prohibiting flails. Maybe like a foam ball and rope chain or something, I don't know how effective it would...
  6. J'rajj

    Sept 2016 favorites

    Thanks npcs and players for a really fun event! What was everyone's favorite mod? favorite costume and/or makeup? favorite joke they heard? most baller loot they got? The bee mod was my favorite, and I'm not even keen on rp heavy stuff. Sam teaching us bee thriller was hilarious. Killing the...
  7. J'rajj

    Any special products for removing facepaint effectively?

    As one may see from my profile picture, I play a sarr. After the weekend is up, I wash my face with soap and water. This is fine for everywhere on my face but my eyes. After vigorous scrubbing, well, it looks like I just put eyeliner on. It fades with time, but last time it stuck around for a...
  8. J'rajj

    Question: tag vs phys rep

    Hypothetically speaking, if I were to accidentally drop and lose a magic item's phys rep, but had the tag in my pocket, do i still have the magic item because I have the tag? Or am I SOL?
  9. J'rajj

    Is there any lore I can read up on?

    Killing things in ignorance is nice, but sometimes I'd like to actually know who's who, why they're important, where exactly we are, etc. I did some light searching on the forums/website but I couldn't really find anything.