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  1. MKing

    NPC for Oct Event

    Well our Oct event is this weekend and we are in need of NPCs!! We would love it if you could come and play with us. Bed, warmth and food! It will be fun and you will get something cool for helping us out. Even if it's only for a super Saturday or Sunday !! Let us know!!! Thanks and much love!
  2. MKing

    Looking for a ride.

    It would seem that I am in need of a ride to the event. It would be me, a tent, bag of clothes and pillows. Also I'm in CT, (New Haven county)but I can get meet just about anywhere in CT. I have a ride back. Thanks, Matt K.
  3. MKing

    Great Event!!

    So what to thank everyone who came out this weekend. Sorry I didn't get a chance to say good bye to a lot of you, but I needed to get back to CT for something else this afternoon. But big thanks to Plot for a great story and fun times!! THANK YOU TO THE NPC'S A FEW BUT MIGHTY!!! With out you...
  4. MKing

    Jan 23rd Fairday!

    So, less than a week away from our next Fairday!! Just a reminder that you can Pre-log. here: Also, just trying to get a full head count. Please post here, , if you will be coming and if you are...
  5. MKing


    Hello to one and all, I will be traveling to your lands in a few weeks time and was looking to see if anyone had some quivers that had the strongest vorpal coating on them for sale? Depending on the cost I may be looking for a few. So if you have some for sale, please let me know and a price as...
  6. MKing


    CT is doing a workday, Jan 10th. For more info see our Facebook page. Thanks,
  7. MKing

    Fav's from the NOV. Fairday Closer!

    Fist off that's to the Staff for a great event, a big thanks to ALL the NPC's. You all were great, both First time and returning ones!!! Man, it was a weird having more NPC than PC!! Fun clean fights, lots of great Rping. Damn gypsy curses!!! All the butts!!!
  8. MKing

    Looking to sell and to buy

    Greetings to all, in my travels I have meet some new friends and have gathers a few things. So I wish to see if anyone would like to buy them. Most of what I have is basic gear, or so I have been told. I have quite a few different weapons, swords, axes, polearm and the such, as well as a stock...
  9. MKing

    Looking for a little help

    Hello, so I have learn of this powerful magic ritual stuff that spell casters can do. I also learned about this power called spellcrafting they can do too. I learned that there is a magic call Arcane Armor that powerful casters can do. So I was wondering if there was anyone that had this...
  10. MKing

    September fairday?

    So, is there going to be a September fairday? Just trying to plan out what I can do for larping next month. Matt K.
  11. MKing

    Fun Times at the Family Event!!

    I want to thank the Staff, Writers and NPC's that made the Family Event a fun time for all!! One of the first things my daughter asked me this morning was, "When is the next event I can play!", so at least one kid wants another Family Event. I also enjoyed the event, it was great just seeing a...
  12. MKing

    In need of things....

    Greetings to...everyone..?? My name is Fen, I've met a few people not to long ago. In the I was looking What I am looking for is... 7 quivers of arrows, 2 of which have the strongest Vorpal Coating on them. 3 or 4 Cure Wounds potions 10 Sleep gas...
  13. MKing

    july fairday favorites

    Want to give the staff and the npcs a big thanks!!! Great job, I felt the scaling was good and the mecanics of the crawl were good. "1..2..3.. no perms!! Ohh..Was that to soon Matt? " I thought it was kind of funny. The fun stuff that happens when you have ex-casters that now have archery. ...
  14. MKing

    Any info on the next Fair day?

    So, any info on the next fair day in July? I heard that is was going to be in the Milford/Devon area...yes? no? Will this be a RP only event? or will there be combat? Will there be a pot luck diner again? thanks, Matt K.
  15. MKing

    Dryad race packet

    Does CT have a race packet for Dryads? If so could I get a copy of it? Thanks, Matt K.
  16. MKing

    Dreams of home..

    I am calling out into the Dream to find out who will be going back to Caldaria or any who are still in the lands proper. I will be there in just over a weeks time, it seems that the paths though the Myst into Caldaria are still a bit out of sorts. Is there any more news on whats been happening...
  17. MKing

    In need of a ride

    Hello all, just wondering if anyone is come from or though CT on their way down to the April event? As it's look like I can swing the event, if I can hitch a ride. Let me know and we can talk about it off board. thanks, Matt King
  18. MKing

    winter feast

    I'm looking to have one if not more Rituals cast at the winter feast and I'm looking to buy or trade for some Pyrotis, Cariosus and Penna. So if you have any that are going to lose their essence soon, I'll take them. Also here's the longshot, does anyone have a preserve scroll they would be...
  19. MKing

    SO, how was your opener?!?!!? was the Event... Would love to hear the stories...and maybe see some pics... :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  20. MKing

    Looking for Something

    Greetings to all, I'm looking to see if anyone has a Limited Circle of Power Scroll which I might use to spellcraft at the next gathering. If you want you can send me a private dream. I have heard that there is one or more around Kupspar, so if you know of anyone who has one ask them to send me...