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    Nationals 2020 Cash Donation Drive!!

    I'd be willing to donate a character Bust Portrait Illustration in mixed media on illustration board 11'x14". Examples at
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    Alliance LARP Utah 2020 Season!

    Thanks for working hard to schedule these ahead of time, Paul. Those of us with hectic family and work schedules appreciate it!
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    Save the Date!!

    Some of us who are flying in want to get the best rate possible. When can we expect the campsite address to be posted?
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    Payment for Informative Summaries of April 26th-28th

    Askeksa- You know where to find me. I have a bit to tell. -Brother Faux
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    Dragonhold Council

    I formally invite the Council of Dragonhold to my services as an advisory on matters both public and private. Discretion is guaranteed. -Brother Faux
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    Saoirse issues a fun challenge

    "Oh, this is happening." -Faux
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    Preregistering for Season 2: Episode 2 - April 26-28

    Out of Chapter Players: Please communicate with Katie Lewis-Kooring regarding playing in the chapter. In-Chapter Players: We will be without the National Data Base until May 31st. Your Logistics team thanks you for your patience as the transition continues. For the time being and for ALL events...
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    Big West 2019 Pre-Registration

    Is there a Vemno option for Payment?
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    [.11] Level 9 potions/scrolls

    No upwards damage capacity on traps would sure make them more desirable as a skillset...
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    Portrait of an Orc Shaman

    I do character portraits and work through UV activated paints and markers to create a unique image under blacklight. I just wrapped this up for our local Orc Shaman here in Utah, Dry Rot. If you're interested in a portrait of your character, or just something for the holidays, you can...
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    PLAYERS! We NEED your email for the new, updated Logistics Database for the new rules set coming in January. Please email us at with the following information: Email Title: <Your Name> Character Info Your Name Character(s) Name(s) Email you would like to access...
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    Last Minute Registration

    WHAT!?! You haven't PreRegistered yet? Surely you were not waiting for the last possible moment! You have less than a week. Preregistration closes at 11:59pm this Sunday. Please register with Jess Wa's amazeballs pre-reg form at :…/1FAIpQLSd3hqJXQCfqRJhCZ2GhBVaQ6LH… If...
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    Looking for a friend

    Zakar- His name is Graven. Should you find me first, I shall guide you to him. -Brother Faux
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    Crunchies and Armor

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    Offer of Education

    Hallend- I would like to peruse the education you offer for myself or my associates. Please message me privately so we may negotiate compensation. -Brother Faux
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    Offer of Education

    Saoirse- I would seek out the Mercenary Sigfried. He is most skilled in all manner of arms and armaments. If you would like, I may make introductions. -Brother Faux
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    Friends- I am very interested in acquiring a number of small explosive charges for mining operations here at Malidor’s Outpost. I may be able to get an associate to pick up these for me or acquire them myself at your gathering. If you have or can acquire said charges for me, I would be most...
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    Last minute character prep/preregistration!

    Players: I’ll be available from noon to six pm today with the database to update your characters in real time in preparation for the event next weekend. Message me here or text 248-910-7812 to schedule a time.
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    Logistics Scheduling

    If you need to update your character, or have any questions about Logistics, I'll be holding weekly sessions Wednesdays 4-5pm where I'll have access to the database where you can contact me in real time to alter your character, spend your build, and generally bug me regarding your characters'...
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    Second chances

    James- I encourage you to talk to Guildmasters Kovol and Thaddeus (the ritual is general, so one or both may know of it's nuances) regarding the following... I know at the very least, besides the scroll, a ritual caster to read the scroll and perform the act, the components listed upon the...