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  1. Gilwing

    October 25th-27th Fence Hoppers List

    If you are going to hop fence or think you might please reply as well as a day and time so it can help us prepare. The better prepared we are the better we can roll.......entertain, the better we can entertain you. Yea, that's what I meant.
  2. Gilwing

    Protective Reflex

    Maybe I'm missing something (could be I'm looking at the wrong version of the rules) but is Protective Reflex celestial only? Does it require a Prision spell to be in memory? V.12b Final seems to make it generic "Protective Reflex (8 High Magic points per purchase, Times Ever): This provides a...
  3. Gilwing

    Permanent Catalyst

    Looking to trade numerous Catalysts for a Permanent Catalyst. Also willing to trade an item/items of you choosing. Feel free to reach out.
  4. Gilwing

    Resolved High magic and no game abilities

    So since this Can we still use high magic abilities while under effects that remove game abilities?
  5. Gilwing

    Potion Coating

    Is the coating for the first swing of the weapon? If so will there be a Potion Tirgger (like poison trigger)?
  6. Gilwing

    Store Ability Duration/until used?

    Store Ability Aspect: General Difficulty: 3 Catalyst Required: No Target Type: Body / Item [Any] NPC Only Ritual: No Role Play Only: No Scroll Type: Enchantment Casting Time: 5 minutes Duration: 20 Logistics Periods May Be Extended: No This Ritual allows the...
  7. Gilwing

    Spirit Recall Duration

    Spirit Recall Aspect: Earth Difficulty: 8 Catalyst Required: No Target Type: Spirit NPC Only Ritual: No Role Play Only: No Scroll Type: Enchantment Casting Time: 5 Minutes Duration: One Year or Until Used Is the duration correct?
  8. Gilwing

    Bane vs. Weapon strike sleep

    This came up yesterday. "Weapon strike sleep", player says "bane". Can I parry since the original was delivered via a weapon strike?
  9. Gilwing

    2.0 events and respending XP

    Some chapters are allowing players to respend their XP. Will GB be doing the same thing until 2.0 becomes "offical"? If so, can we respend between logistics (at the same event)?
  10. Gilwing

    Catalyst conversion

    Dont know if I missed it (hard to search throughly on my phone) but can I exchange my Catalysts? I would hope that the ones where the ritual has gone away at least.
  11. Gilwing


    Wait a minute. The next event (the season closer) is THIS weekend? That's crazy. Feels like we just finished the September event. That must mean that @Tyson is very busy, but will have the list up soon. That also means prereg/prelog closes on WEDNESDAY. Better hurry and get that in. Did I...
  12. Gilwing

    Paying top bill

    The Black Forest is looking for a Regeneration scroll that can be cast in the world of Baran. I am looking to have this done asap. We are willing to trade for what you need including but not limited to coin, ritual scrolls and components, gasses/potions/scrolls, weapons/armor, magic items and...
  13. Gilwing

    September Event!!!

    Wow is it September already? Wait, isn't there a Gettysburg event in like 3 days? No Way! I know @Tyson is very busy but I hope that he can put up the prereg list along with an npc sheet.
  14. Gilwing

    [.11] Combined Strike is for whom?

    Combined Strike [Spellsword Adept] - 10 XP (Spellsword), 60 XP Martial Skills, Passive, requires Formal Magic - once purchased, the character may expend any Signature Spell of the appropriate aspect from memory as "X Weapon Strike <effect>" at will. This may be done any number of times per...
  15. Gilwing

    [.11] Return and offensive Wither

    Can I return anything while under an offensive Wither?
  16. Gilwing

    From marshal rules section I feel this is incorrect. How can you use a 3 counted recall if your dead. Either you're alive and spirit recalled or dead and not recalled. The death effect/spell is instantaneous and the recall is a 3 count.
  17. Gilwing

    August event!

    Hey David, when is the August event? Well glad you asked. It's the 25-27th. Wait, isn't that one week away? Why yes it is. You better prereg if you haven't already. Oh ok great! When's the deadline? Its Wednesday the 23rd I believe. You know what Dave, I forgot that I prereged already...
  18. Gilwing

    Two Weeks

    Is it true? Is the next event only two weeks away? Wow! I better pre-register...and so should you.
  19. Gilwing

    Was the Gift "school" hard to grasp?

    The Gift "school" has life and death. Why change it to healing and curse to simplify it and then have to add an exception to remove curse (which I thought we were attempting to remove)? I think that it is perfect the way it is, life is the opposite of death and one can't be with out the...
  20. Gilwing

    Another playtest?

    So seeing how the rules are now available and after reading what Brian Gregory posted, will there be more rounds of playtesting?