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    Items left in NPC camp

    So, there were a bunch of things left behind in NPC camp at the event. I got the joy of carting them home because nobody else had any space at all. Your things are safe and well fed, but I have enough things of my own, so if you're missing your things, please contact me privately so I can...
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    A little birdie needs new tunes

    Sue and Goodman Wolcott, It seems you've been a bit off your game these past few years. I mean, you're officially trumpeting victory in getting the scoop on a romance that has been in place for over three years. Shame. I used to expect your articles to at least be amusing. Now, you're...
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    A Hazy Dream of Loss, and Fire

    There was a time when this place was a world of solace and comfort, adrift in a vast ocean of confusion and loss. The weapon racks sat along the wall, naked and bare for the first time in a decade. Those racks had been the cradles for arms that would eventually lead armies, defend kings, and...
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    A Call for assistance

    To my friends, companions, and allies who may have been heading to Nordenn: There is an energy of some kind shutting off the Reclaim from the rest of the world. So far, no method of breaching it has been found to work- even to attempt to speak to those of my court who are trapped inside of it...
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    Just game related... or not?

    So, I've got a couple writing projects that I might put part of (or all of) up for review.. but m question is, would you guys prefer just "proper in-period" works, or any fictional prose?
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    Spirit Farewell for His Excellency, the late Harrison Ryat

    All are welcome to attend the Spirit Farewell for His Excellency, Harrison Ryat. The Farewell will occur in the estate of Partridge, on the seventh of Gryphon. Harrison Ryat began in the Army as a scout. He was decorated for his tactical planning and fierce, decisive actions. He served King...
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    HQ's "Something For Everyone" Weapons Drive!

    Good day fellow LARP enthusiasts! This is your friendly neighborhood Props Master, bringing you an update on things, and lunching a new drive that everyone can participate in. First of all, I want to take a moment to personally thank all of you who have worked so hard to make this season work...