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    Speed packets wanted

    Looking to purchase 100 to 200 speed packets. Color doesn't really matter except no orange or blue. :) I live in California. If interested please hit me up as I would like to try and get these prior to the 24th of this month.
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    GS Purchases and LCO item rules

    LCO Magic Item Policy This policy will be enforced beginning June 15 2019. At the time of initial Logistics check-in for an event, each PC may check in no more than 20 LCO rituals as follows: § An LCO item must be completely checked-in or left at home; items may not be “split” and partially...
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    Ritual casting (earth)

    Tolgar will be casting rituals. If you are trying to get anything cast (earth) then please contact me with total number of rituals scrolls and the difficulty of each, if you would like the item true empowered, and if you would like anything special flavor wise on the item when it is identified...
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    Coffee Tasting

    Sir Tolgar Undershaft Invites anyone who wishes, to a coffee tasting at the upcoming gather. If you would like to partake in this fun then I simply ask that you bring your own version of magic bean juice and a method of brewing you enjoy. Please have some details about the beans and brewing...
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    Seeking some assistance / knowledge

    Hello all Sir Tolgar Undershaft here seeking your help. Some time ago when many of us gathered together and brought Silence the Dragon back there was a table full of different items used to do the ritual. I am particularly looking for the scrolls that were wax sealed. If you know the whereabouts...
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    A Grand Parade!

    Hello all Sir Tolgar Undershaft here calling for your help. As some of you might know I have come up with a way to call forth the lost spirits to the circle. To do so though I need your help. The next time we gather I need as many instrument players as possible. Even if you can hum, play the...
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    Spirit Recall

    I am looking for a Spirit Recall scroll. This does not need to be able to travel through the mist. If you have one for sale please reach out to me before next gather. Sir Tolgar Undershaft Knight Commander of the Order of Morgan
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    Expanded Enchantment Scroll

    I have for sale an expanded enchantment scroll that can be cast anywhere. If you are interested please make private your bid to me or respond here openly if you don't mind your name being known. I will keep this bid open for 1 month to be closed at the end of July. Sir Tolgar Undershaft Knight...
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    A call for help

    My name is Sir Tolgar Undershaft and I am need of your help. We of the Maelstrom are in need of supplies. Namely that of Food, Water, and Supplies for building shelters. If any of you can help by sending what you can I would be in your debt. I am willing to buy these items as well to cover any...
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    Looking for magical items

    Looking for perm items. If you have any that you are looking to sell please send details of the item and what your looking to receive for it. Item must be able to travel and any flaws please list out as well. Squire Tolgar Undershaft
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    New York

    I am headed out to new york tomorrow and will be there until the 14th. Anyone know of any fun things going on in New York? Parrott
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    PA 3 broach

    I have come across a 3 protection Aura item that is a lovely broach with a nice big blue gem in it. I would like to see if there are any interested parties on this item. It is good for 1 year and will travel through the mists. If you have any questions or would like to offer a bid please send...
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    new lock pick rules

    Ok so i seen the new rules and though I am happy that we have a system that does not require us to actually carry lock picking tools and to pick it I have some questions / concerns. 1) As the item of the lock is created by "crete trap skill" do you require trap making or ledg to lock the item...
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    Formal scrolls

    Not sure if this has come up or not in the past and I don't feel like digging through old posts so perhapse someone can assist me on this question. I for one love Ritual magic. It being one of the major reasons i love this game. But the questions always gets at me as to where do these magicl...
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    Looking for cloaks

    Looking for 2 nice cloaks. Prefer to have these more on the thicker side possible made of wool. One for someone 6ft tall another for 5ft tall. 6ft would be for a templar earth caster. the 5ft would be for a gypsie. Hope to hear some good places or pics of some crafty people here. :)
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    Time Catalyst

    I have come into possesion a Bottle of Time. If you are interested in aquiring this item please seek me out. (PM and yes this is a seattle chapter catalyst) Tolgar Undershaft
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    formal scrolls

    Formal Scrolls... I am looking for scrolls that will make a magic item permed. Or can place a magical damage upon a weapon. If anyone has said items and are willing to sell them please contact me on your price. (LCO versions are also acceptable)
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    Thanks to Polare I rescently aquired a map of your area. I am interested if anyone has other maps that they would let me have copied. Can pay for the use if need be or can strike deal to let you copy other maps when I get them. Thanks, Tolgar Undershaft, Town guard stonehaven