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  1. Anique

    2020 Tavern

    I'll be hosting your tavern for 2020. Standard breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and beverages. Available for in game coin - prices vary. Cash donations strongly encouraged, please make sure they find their way to me (Anique). I will get you gobbies for it. Allergies: If you've got em, I need...
  2. Anique


    So, there's this scary thing in the mist. I didn't see it, but Maxwell did. But the mist itself is kinda scary. Oh yeah, the mist took over the jungle. It's everywhere. It doesn't hurt you, it's just scary. And all the kin ran away. So now my friends are all moving, mostly to the big empty...
  3. Anique

    August 23-25

    So... Who will be there? Is there a pre-reg list. Kunzio and Princess are going.
  4. Anique

    Future of the Chapter

    Have you ever considered taking a leadership role in the chapter? Now is the time! In order for the chapter to continue we need a new team to step up and take over. I have spoken to Thetford and thrown my name in the ring. But this IS NOT a one person job. Without a viable team, the chapter...
  5. Anique

    Season Closer

    Thank you everyone! I am quite impressed with how much the town managed to accomplish this event. We started with quite a long todo list and I did not anticipate finishing it all. Big shout out to everyone (pc and npc alike) for banding together and getting it done. The one thing truly did...
  6. Anique

    Fall Festival

    A number of people seem to be planning events for this gathering. I propose we use this line of dreaming to coordinate efforts. Saturday - *Alchemical class for interested parties. Hosted by Ahlana. *Tournament. Hosted by the Duchess of New Ad'dah *What represents you? Hosted by Lord...
  7. Anique

    Current Issues (September)

    Storm Dragon: Lightning and Ice drakes came in last market day trying to get to their leader, a Storm Dragon. The drakes and minions were rather rough for the town to handle. A deal was made to help get them to their leader or free their leader. He is apparently in a mountain. The mists...
  8. Anique


    Friday evening I will be providing turkey after court. Maxwell is bringing drinks. Damien is bringing... a dessert? We WILL NOT be using the kitchen. There are a few places where crockpots can be plugged in, but not many. Please take this into account when planning dishes. Your dishes/leftovers...
  9. Anique

    Baronial Court and Feast

    House Silverbane invites you to join us in celebrating the Hallows Friday November 4th. We will be at tavern in the newly established city of Ardic. All citizens of Valdanis and guests within our realm are welcome to attend. Court: A number of small things will be addressed. If you wish to...
  10. Anique

    The Book of Arden

    The Book of Arden can be found here. Only public knowledge is available. Should you wish to know more, please contact the appropriate party. This is an evolving document as information is gained...
  11. Anique


    I will be arriving late Friday evening with a few compatriots and am in need of space to bunk. We will require 3 beds in the same cabin. If you have space for myself, Maxwell, and Yngvin, it would be most appreciated. I can provide a ward if needed, or can construct a barrier for separate...
  12. Anique

    Assorted Production for sale

    I have a variety of odds n ends production for sale. 2x production cost and it's yours. If you wish to offer me less, send a pigeon to discuss. Alchemy -Paranoia weapon coating (2) -Nausea weapon coating (1) -Vorpal coating serious (4) -Alchemical solvent (4) -Liquid light (2) -Laugh elixir...
  13. Anique

    Missing a TadRon

    Has anyone seen Tad? Somehow he misplaced himself on the way home through the mists. He was last seen in Wayside. ~Ahlana
  14. Anique

    Lost Wand Rep

    It's nothing fancy, just a sanded stick with a leather wrapped handle. But my son JUST made it for me, and I already lost it. It was dropped sometime during the wall fight. If you found it, I would love to have it back (you can have the tag, idc, I just want the rep). Thanks! Anique/Ahlana
  15. Anique


    To all the family that may see this, I would very much like to speak to any and all of you that are available next gathering. I have some family matters to discuss with you. May the sun and stars light your path so darkness never finds you, ~Ahlana
  16. Anique

    2016 Monster Camp Donations

    We just consolidated monster camp and find that we need the following: Large cake makeup (ONLY cake! no grease or cream) -1 purple -1 yellow -1 gold -1 silver -1 bronze Makeup sponges (the triangular ones are great) Pants sizes large - xl 1000 - white packets 200 - orange packets 200 - blue...
  17. Anique

    Happy Birthday Thetford!

    Happy Birthday old man :) Maybe I'll actually get to see Tad this year? <3
  18. Anique

    Looking to purchase:

    A polearm. I am not a fighter, I know naught of such things. But someone close to me will be attending this gather and is lacking a weapon. I haven't much to offer, but something a bit nicer than the normal would be grand. What sort of things are available? And what would such things cost? His...
  19. Anique

    Thank You

    Thank you all. This last gather we came together and worked as a team to accomplish important things. Every one of you has my thanks. Maxwell, your healing is ever appreciated. Without you we would never be able to stand against such foes. Raz's friend whose name I cannot recall, forgive me...
  20. Anique

    Halloween in ChiTown

    If anyone is interested in going to the Halloween event in Chicago I may have some space in my vehicle, just chip in gas monies. Send me a message if you are interested. We would be leaving Friday (10/30) in the mid afternoon and returning Sunday evening.