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  1. Jevedor

    September 11-13 Event Pre-Registration

    Hey, guess what! I have paid and regged. Unless things change, I will be there with pointy ears.
  2. Jevedor

    Orctober Event Pre-Registration

    just my 2cents as a web dev.... google forms is notably unreliable.
  3. Jevedor

    Orctober Event Pre-Registration

    I think i will be there.
  4. Jevedor

    September Event Pre-Registration

    Pre-reg and logistics sent. :)
  5. Jevedor

    May Event Pre-Registration List

    Sorry I wont see you guys. Life is a bit to hectic for me right now. I hope you have a great opener and I will see you later in the season. ~ Jeremy
  6. Jevedor

    Ritual Cap for Alliance Deadlands

    In this example would Necalli be able to bring in his sword for Friday - Saturday Logistics, and than at Saturday - Sunday Logistics swap out the sword to bring in the shield instead?
  7. Jevedor

    Call to Arms: Assistance and Aid

    Friend Ithica, You have always aided me when I have asked for help almost unconditionally and with faith in my purpose. I will lend you my blade and skill, and help find a better home for your people. Let me make some preparations and see what assistance I can gather. I will be in touch...
  8. Jevedor

    September Pre-Reg List

    Obliterates the adventurers? or the pizza and beer.... or all three?
  9. Jevedor

    September Pre-Reg List

    Pre-regged to NPC. See you suckas on the dark side.
  10. Jevedor

    July Favorites

    Great event guys! Here's a quick list. New Legion members and the classic meat grinder style Legion mod that followed. Good long and challenging fight. Resurrection role play trying to bring back another one of the tortured spirits. Talking to Angel afterwards and her telling me she had no...
  11. Jevedor

    Follow up #2 to Greater Command Clarification.

    Taken from previous clarification viewtopic.php?f=98&t=17124 If Greater Command targets the body and not the spirit, shouldn't / why wouldn't you be able to use Greater Command effects on dead bodies? The spirit is not being targeted so the dead body seems viable. This seems to open a loop...
  12. Jevedor

    Follow up to Greater Command Clarification

    Follow up to this clarification. viewtopic.php?f=98&t=17124#p173804 The spirit is stored in a golem. A greater command effect (enslave) resolves on the Golem's body. That spirit leaves the golem to return to their own, they are no longer enslaved. Can you clarify the following. After...
  13. Jevedor

    Who's the current king?

    It certainly hasn't in the past. That's for sure.
  14. Jevedor

    Who's the current king?

    Yeah that as well. I didnt want to blow his mind with all the crazy other locations like Kalcadia, Aolia, Teshvar, Imerie, Ghost Woods, First Forest, and im sure others I am forgetting.... its rather impressive how vast the lands of the Deadlands are. It says a lot about how awesome the plot...
  15. Jevedor

    Who's the current king?

    As far as I am aware there is no current king of Eire, only the Queen. The lands are a bit trickier. The chapter is "The Deadlands" which for all purposes is a colloquialism both IG and OOG referring to the land, as it is cursed with undeath and other racial mumbo jumbo. The real name of...
  16. Jevedor

    Thelucian Auction Q&A

    well, this derailed quickly.
  17. Jevedor

    Request for Ride to July from CT

    Goerge what time on friday do you need the ride? I work in east hartford and plan to leave from work after I get out at 5:00 PM. I have room in my car.
  18. Jevedor

    July Event Pre-Reg List

    Toddy, you should med forge to healer. It would be like that time heresy had a 12 block... or something.
  19. Jevedor

    July Event Pre-Reg List

    I will try to get my registrations stuff done tonight or tomorrow.
  20. Jevedor

    LARP and a Limited Schedule- Any interest?

    I would definitely play a game as described by the original post, but only if it was within 1-2hour drive. I dont think i would go farther than that for just a day in most cases... maybe if it was a special event or I was visiting people in the area.