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  1. Arkade

    Just wondering what's up

    Been thinking a lot about the national event, owners meeting and the current state of 2.0. I apologize if this is posted elsewhere on the forums, I've looked around and assumed it would be here if anywhere. Just wondering what the current state of 2.0 looks like. Th long silence concerns me a...
  2. Arkade

    Memes for the meme throne

    I've been making a few memes and stumbled across a few good ones over the last few months. This thread is mostly just for lols. Enjoy. and dome mind the typos, these are usually made real quick on a whim.
  3. Arkade

    Guilds, Factions and Other Stuff

    As I am new to these lands, I spent most of my day trying to gather as much information as possible. There are a few details that are hazy at best, though I would much rather gather this information in person, there are always pressing matters that pull people away/distract from the...
  4. Arkade

    Hello All!

    Great Event Looking forward to November!!!
  5. Arkade

    A Quick Look at Some Rules

    The Hold Rule Anyone who sees an unsafe situation happening or about to happen can call a Hold in a fight. “Hold!” should be yelled so that everyone in battle can hear it—otherwise, it may be followed by another flurry of swings. When a Hold is called, stay exactly where you are and drop...
  6. Arkade

    THANK YOU ALL!!! (June Event)

    I had a fantastic time this event, sorry it took me forever to finish up the fire guys! Thanks everyone for all the great feedback, and complements on the armor, gets me really pumped to start working on the other stuff rite away! Huge shout out to Amy! If you think amazing food like this is...
  7. Arkade

    Watch this video! ... -may-31st/ Just incase anyone missed it!
  8. Arkade

    Miss You Guys!

    So I'm about 5months into my NAVY carrier and I just cant stop thinking about Alliance Traverse and all the great times we had. I'm still working on my chainmail and starting a little leather working. Rite now I'm at school in FL, no chapters out here, not much free time if there were. I just...
  9. Arkade

    NEED RIDE!!! AHHHH!!!!

    So my ride just bailed! Amanda and I need a lift from Cadillac MI to the event, we can pitch in for gas and sing car tunes well!!! We realy want to go, and I really want to play my PC! SOMONE!! ANYONE!!!!!!
  10. Arkade

    Looking for rides!

    Amanda and I are wondering if anyone local (Northern Michigan) had plans to hit other chapters, we're looking to car pool. Let me know what events you'll have two extra seats, and we'll cover half of gas. Thanks!
  11. Arkade

    Need a Ride

    I want to go to the Minnisoda event the 1st-3rd of april but my ride fell through! If anyone is passing through Cadillac let me know, I'll go half on gass, need room for 2 as Amanda will be going with.
  12. Arkade

    Whos going to Chicago? Invasion?

    Though I am very loyal to my home chapter, I'v also been wanting to hit Chi for some time now. If somone is heading out that way for the weekend event, I'd gladly help with gass $. I hear SoMi has alot of players heading that way as well. We get Chicago players making the trek all the time, if...
  13. Arkade


    I'v been scrambleing, trying to get my outfit ready for this upcoming season! Its realy hard to find good, fantasyish leather armor. Stuff that dosent look cartoony or silly. So far Midevil collectables has been my only truly good find. Mostly because of their massive range of items. Dose...
  14. Arkade

    Next Year Scedual, Happy Hollidays, and how are you?

    So, just wondering if theres a projected idea worked out yet for next year's scedual. Number of events, more day events than weekends, exc. I don't mean to be jumpy but I'm getting LARP fever, feals like its been an age since I last saw everyone. Odd story, during thanksgiving I was asked...
  15. Arkade

    Work strikes again!

    So I got this terrably sad news that I'm going to be working the weekend of the Oct event in TC. Ironicly enough, I now have the weekend before and after the TC event off... :roll: So, if anyone is planning to hit SoMi or Chicago in Oct, I'd love to tag along, split gass, and sare in a jolly...
  16. Arkade

    Deadly Excitement

    I hardly know were to begin... I want to share the shame of my spirit with those I abandoned. Tadron, Alanah, Sir Garoth, Lady Gwen, my new found guildies, and mostly my new friends. After the fight with Echo's sister... I couldent go on any more, though healed and "lifed", my spirit felt thin...
  17. Arkade

    Lookin to help

    Hail and well met! It has been some time since I last steped foot on Horn's soil, I'm sure most of you don't even remember me. Please, if any Guild or group is in need of a fair healer I would like to make better use of my abilitys. As such, I'm still looking for training in combat healing. My...
  18. Arkade

    In need of assistance.

    Well met locals of these lands. I am Arkade Prince, I'm looking for something I may have lost an undefined time ago. What it is that I'm looking for is uncertain, and it's location unknown to me. This thing, givin that it is in fact a thing, is not necessarily lost in your lands, but its as...
  19. Arkade

    Messanger Style

    So I been wanting to talk with other LARPers of the Alliance and find the forums constricting when it comes to live conversations. So, if your an Alliance player and ever wana chat, compair ideas, and exchange storys of the game please add too your Yahoo, messanger. So sorry...
  20. Arkade

    Rising of The Dawn

    The Order of The Dawn are seeking new and experienced adventurers of Valdanis and the surrounding lands. We are looking for those that would bring profit, talents, and brotherhood to our Order. Our Order will do all it can to protect you, your guilds, and your family's from any force too the...