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  1. MooseMasterX

    Notice from the Order of the Caligonauts

    [Trading Post Wall] To all who are interested in adventure and knowledge from the past, This is a monumental announcement on behalf of the Order of the Caligonauts. A recent foray into the Mists has lead to the discovery of a pre-Mist city. While the city itself seems to have been leveled by...
  2. MooseMasterX

    High Orcs

    The Fall of Gadure “Gather ‘round, pups. It is time for you to learn the history of our people, and why we stand so firmly against the Mists. Many, many generations ago, so far back we aren’t sure how long, the world didn’t used to be like this. The Mists were something that were far away, and...
  3. MooseMasterX


    Dryads of the Cursed Forest Long before the Mists descended on the Shattered Realms, there was the First Forest. It is said by the Dryads that its trees and plants extended outward with no end as a verdant carpet that blanketed the world. It was a paradise, and for centuries they lived in peace...
  4. MooseMasterX

    Humans of Videa

    Humans of Videa Surrounded by the seemingly endless Mists exists a Realm known as Videa. This Realm protects and is populated by a variety of sentient life, but most notable amongst them are the Humans, for of all the races in Videa the Humans have the largest population. Their Kingdom of Videa...
  5. MooseMasterX

    An In Depth Essay on the Kingdom of Videa

    Introduction Greetings. My name is Gregor Lesthin, High Scholar of the Videan Academy. It is my honor to write this brief history and introduction to my home, The Kingdom of Videa. Since the formation of the Order of Caligonauts we have started to receive more and more visitor from other Realms...
  6. MooseMasterX

    A voice in throughout your dreams

    (You all hear this in your dreams repeated ad infinitum) One Mind. One Path. One Truth. All is One. All is The Deep.
  7. MooseMasterX

    Pillow Donations

    Hey all! This is somewhat last minute, but we are looking for semi-donations (you would be getting them back after the event) of pillows and pillow like objects for an encounter. Any that are lent to us are 100% likely to be thrown around on the ground in the woods, so we are mainly looking for...
  8. MooseMasterX

    Selling magic item

    I have in my possession a magical item I am looking to sell. It is a Gold Circle Button that allows the user to Bane Binding once per study session. It has no flaws, can travel the mists, and it's magic should last until the fourteenth day of May this coming year. I am looking for a starting...