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    Culture Packets

    These are our current culture packets! Keep an eye out for more! - Periphery ( - Central Mountains ( - Kileach ( - Outer Tundra (
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    Ducal Gather September, 419

    A young girl is seen tacking a paper to the tavern bulletin board. She smooths her dress out after she places the last tack. She glances around, and hurries off in the direction of The Sweet Spot. The paper reads as follows.
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    An Open Invitation

    Wonderful and lovely Cynder, It is with many regrets that I will not be able to attend your wedding. I won't be in New Acarthia until Friday night. I wish you and Thorgrim a long lifetime of happiness. Gwen Harper
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    Post your favorite moments here!

    A few of my highlights! Elavir to Lagarde, "Why is your hat haunted?", he laughs, "Again, why is your hat haunted?" In just utter "wtf" tone. The page mod! Emily and Sierra did such an amazing job for all the kids! You two really bring the story to life for them. Thank you <3 Molly Wagerset...
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    sad news...

    I'm so sad to hear about the contractor and his family. My heart goes out to them. <3
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    Name Change

    Love it!!!
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    Nationals 2018 favorite moments

    This event was absolutely amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. 1. I got to NPC with my dad and my kiddos! The best part was dad was trying to sell Viridan ore to anyone in the tavern, and he encountered Baroness Elivar. I am, and was, so grateful to Jules for role-playing with Dad...
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    Can I snag wizard? Please? See you soon!
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    Hey there, I"m Candace! I used to LARP with some of you back at NERO Empire. I'm super excited to be coming back this season! I'm bringing my sister and my two older kiddos, who are also excited. I can't wait to see all the faces I know and all the new ones too!