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  1. Duke Frost

    Order Your LARP Supplies

    Hello everyone, We are putting in an order to Epic Armory next week. You can see what's available on their website If you would like to order something, please private message me. As long as the manufacturer has it in stock we will have it for you at the next event you...
  2. Duke Frost

    Pre-reg for July Low Level Event: Pre-reg is closed

    PC 1. Scott Kondrk (Tugrot) 2. Michael Guarino + $10 food donation 3. Mike Ventrella (Salvatore) 4. Tom Wilson (Kabuk) 5. Michelle Stagnitta (Kamryn nic Fallon) 6. Andrew McClary + year membership 7. Erika Noach (Kailani) 8. Tom Haswell (Benjamin) 9. Scott Babcock 10. Samantha Bertrand...
  3. Duke Frost

    Weapons and Sundries

    Hi all, Dee and I will have latex weapons and other sundries for sale at the upcoming event. Please stop by our cabin and take a look. We are currently retailers for Epic Armory and Calimacil weapons. The Calimacil will not pass Alliance standards but the Epic Armory weapons certainly do...
  4. Duke Frost

    Alliance LARP Wins 2013 Philly Comicon Best in Show

    In a field of approximately 200 of the best cosplayers and costumers on the East Coast, Alliance LARP takes home best in show. The audience numbered between 2000-3000.
  5. Duke Frost

    Off Topic: Roller Derby in South Jersey Oct 20, 2012

    Hey all, I thought some of you might be interested. Dee and I will be playing Roller Derby in Mt. Laurel this Saturday, Oct 20. We'd love it if any of you came. We play for Man's Ruin Roller Derby out of Chester, NY and we're playing Penn Jersey out of Philly. The game is at: The...
  6. Duke Frost

    Lost Item

    All, A kindle was lost at the last event at the camp (non HQ). It may be in one of the cabins. If anyone finds it, please give it to Mike V or Brian W. I know who it belongs to and will make sure it gets returned. Thanks, Scott
  7. Duke Frost

    To King Broomis

    You're welcome. Nuff said. Drak
  8. Duke Frost

    Disappointing Camp Cleanup

    This is directed at our entire Alliance Headquarters community, I arrived at Faire Play this past weekend and was informed by another group renting from us that there were several "messes" in various parts of the camp. This particular group does a great job cleaning up and never leaves a mess...
  9. Duke Frost

    Latex Weapons

    Are latex weapons going to be allowed at your chapter? Thanks!
  10. Duke Frost

    Come say goodbye to Jesse Grabowski August 10

    Hey all, Our beloved Jesse Grabowski will be moving to Colorado in September. Our next event will be his last for the forseeable future. Come play the game one more time with him and interact with the heroic yet only slightly shady Derek Dreamweaver. For those that haven't known him long...
  11. Duke Frost

    Some camp updates

    Just some updates on amenities at the camp. We now have three water filters going on. Four for the cold water in the kitchen. There are now two sets of bunks (four beds) in griffon, dragon and phoenix. Kyle gets a nifty new sliding door between logistics and the mod area. More will be...
  12. Duke Frost

    Medieval Shoes - Viking Leather Crafts Review

    Hey all, I just gotta a pair of shoes from I've worn them for one event so far. They are reasonably priced, VERY authentic and super comfortable. I have little comment on durability yet, as I've only worn them for 2 days. I did, however, put them through the...
  13. Duke Frost

    Pre-registration for July Event

    Pre-registration is closed. The door price is $70. You can still contributed for food! PCS 1. Scott Kondrk 2. Dee Kondrk 3. Eric "I only have one PC" Stehle 4. Sarah Heimbach 5. Erika Noach + year membership 6. William Barrett + trial membership + $30 food...
  14. Duke Frost

    Pre-registration for June Event: PRE-REG CLOSED

    You can still pay at the door, but it will be $10 more. And of course, you can still donate for food and goblin stamps or reserve one of the rooms. PCS 1. Scott Kondrk (Find'rth) (Prelogisted) 2. Dee Kondrk (Kiri) (Prelogisted) 3. Eric Stehle (Ivan Drake) 4. Kyle Spriggle (Grim) (Prelogisted)...
  15. Duke Frost

    Philly Comic Con May 31 to June 3 - Volunteers Wanted

    So, we will be at Philly Comic Con again this year. Last year was great and we got some new players out of it. This year we hope to do even better. And YOU can help make it better. How can you do this? Come to the convention any of the days. Dress in an Alliance Larp costume of choice and...
  16. Duke Frost

    2012 Pre- Season Work Weekends

    All, Our pre-season work weekends will be the Weekends of: March 31, April 1 April 7 (Saturday only, as Sunday is Easter) April 14, 15 Please post back if you we can expect you at any of these. Bring clothes you don't mind getting dirty and preferably a good pair of work gloves. Tasks will...
  17. Duke Frost

    Ridiculous Free Build

    Okay, so you know you haven't played your tertiary PC for a long time when you go to update him because you're finally going to play him again...and you have 113 free build...and it's all from monthly blankets. Scott
  18. Duke Frost

    Bring Warm Stuff! It's Gonna Be Cold at Night for the Lowbie

    Forecast says low in the 30s at night, high in the 50s during the day. Overall, a pretty good late October event. Remember to bring warm clothes, extra socks and warm bedding. Heated blankets and safe space heaters are a good idea. Most modern space heaters should be fine. Don't bring your...
  19. Duke Frost

    Shameless Plug - HQ Low Level

    Hey all, HQ is having a low level event Oct 21-23 with a build cap of 105. We have a couple guest writers being aided by our usual NPC staff. It's going to be different than our usual arc plot. Check it out on the HQ boards. It's a fun opportunity for those with low level characters to...
  20. Duke Frost

    Galanthia Declares War Upon Icenia

    To All Citizens of All Sovereign Nations of Tar Navaria, For years I have treated the Icenians with honor and respect. I have not taken a step into their lands except when absolutely necessary for the good of my people and my nation. I have offered non-aggression pacts, treaties and aid...