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  1. Cedric

    Drinks this weekend!

    Good afternoon fellow friends, As many of you know, I'm a noble of the land, but that's not all I am. I am also a representative of the Merchant's Guild, traveling around the kingdom, trying to understand the economies of the different baronies and how they interact. I've been traveling much...
  2. Cedric

    Chris/Ken and rest of CMA team

    First let me say I love the new item registration system for events. Thank you for this additional functionality. I was wondering if I could ask for a feature request to list the number of logistics periods left on the item on the registration page? Or somewhere else that players could...
  3. Cedric

    How does Knighting in your lands work?

    I think being knighted for many people is a in game goal that people enjoy pursuing. I know that it varies from chapter to chapter, realm to realm. I was curious how others felt about it. 1. How is knighting handled in your realm? What's the IG story behind it? 2. Do you follow the...
  4. Cedric

    Jack-o-lanterns at Halloween

    I wanted to speak a bit about the month of October and the dangers come to the lands of Acarthia. As many know, the powers of wards fluctuate at this time of the years. No one knows entirely why, but rumors of ley line magics being syphoned off to the plane of dreams has been theorized. In...
  5. Cedric

    Vexo's Chess Tournament

    (You see this posted around Deepjug's Tavern in New Acarthia) Welcome one and all for an exciting Chess Tournament during the month of July! The gamesmaster Vexo has challenged us to a game of Battle Chess later this year. In order to decide who our gamesmaster should be on our side, we have...
  6. Cedric

    Monster Database v1.0 released

    The next revision of the monster database has been released. It's been posted on the forums to the owners of chapters. If you are on a plot committee and need access to these cards, please ask your owners to grab it or if you message me, I can send you the google drive link. Thanks! Mike Paxton.
  7. Cedric

    Magic Item and Formal Scroll Conversion Process for Denver

    Now that nationals is ready, we have decided to open up the process for item and scroll conversions here within Alliance Denver. Myself (Mike Paxton) and Brandon Mintken are going to be the two main people converting magic items, formal scrolls, and components. Production Items (Potions...
  8. Cedric

    Refuge ritual

    The target is location and spirit. Does it get two tags? One for the circle, one for the spirit? One tag?
  9. Cedric

    Formal Scroll - Summon Extra Planar Creature

    It looks like Summon Extra Planar are still called the same thing (per the ritual list above) yet they summon two groups of monsters. Can we perhaps change the name of one of them just to make them unique? Thanks! Mike
  10. Cedric

    2.0 Monster Database

    The beta draft of the 2.0 monster database is up for review. If you are a member of plot, please contact your owner and they can get you access to the shared google drive. In that drive there are PDFs of each monster type/subtype that you can download to print. My suggestion is to print them 2...
  11. Cedric

    Monster slayer work on Vampires?

    Can you use an undead (monster) slayer on Vampires? Is that an intended use?
  12. Cedric

    Magic Item Tags from Feb til June 1st

    I'll have more information on this next week but I wanted to explain how magic item tags will be handled from now until probably June 1st. All magic item tags given out as treasure will be for 1.3 (for now). That is what you will use to convert the items when we go live for 2.0 on June first...
  13. Cedric

    Playtest Character Builder v.43

    Ian Moriarty started this project and Feldor updated it for the latest packet. Make sure to make a copy!
  14. Cedric

    New site for ordering pants

    A friend of my forwarded me this site, and I just ordered some new pants for Kendrick off of it. Some pretty neat designs and cheap.
  15. Cedric

    [.11] Clarification about Perfect Riposte

    Text says... Perfect Riposte (General, Item [Weapon], Daily) – Once per Logistics period per charge, the character may expend a charge of this ritual when using the Riposting Strike skill to utilize a skill which they have already expended for Riposting Strike's offensive attack. I believe...
  16. Cedric

    Denver November Favorite Memories!

    Go post them!
  17. Cedric

    [.11] Denver | November 16-18 | Thoughts and musings

    We had our playtest this weekend. I'm not quite put together to list all my thoughts but I wanted to give other Denver players a chance to post there thoughts. I did really enjoy rogue this weekend, there is a good chance that is what Kendrick will spirit forge into.
  18. Cedric

    Formal Scrolls as treasure for November

    For the November game, we will be dropping some of the new formal scrolls. I wanted to list a few caveats. 1. These scrolls are still all beta. If for some reason we revert back to 1.3 these will be switched out at a favorable rate. 2. Not all exact wording is correct. For instance some of...
  19. Cedric

    Rules about campsite and food

    Jesse, are there any rules for the campsite that we need to know about? What about food? We know that Dia needs to cook Kosher, but what does that mean for the rest of us? Are there kitchenettes in the cabins (rumor that there might be?) and are they Kosher and if so, what does that mean for...
  20. Cedric

    [.11] Updated Radius Delivery Definition in 2.0

    Any chance we could get an updated definition for radius delivers (ARB pg 97) for 2.0? Standardize by my voice, etc? Does this need to be a proposal by the owners?