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  1. Saro

    Victory, an Apology and Forgiveness

    My Friends and fellow Adventurers, Pardon me as it had taken time for me to collect my thoughts. Before we met this last gather, I had feared the worst for our survival and the continuance of the adventurers of Ardic. I could not be more proud of all of you. Spark, Shakiss, and Krane; you...
  2. Saro

    Making choices

    My friends, I would like to ask you all to forgive me for my absence last market. I failed on my commitment to not only you but the kingdom. It has come to my attention that Klaus has been kidnapped. And while I have been quick to the sword before, there is no more obvious declaration of war...
  3. Saro

    Making new friends!!

    Hello lovely beautiful people! My name is Cordelia, but you can just call me Cori. I’m so excited to adventure somewhere new and so is Rupert! We love making new friends! Anya and Kasha are very busy being very strong warrior women and I am soooo proud of them! But Rupert and I are lonely so we...
  4. Saro

    Blue Dragon

    My Dearest Friends and Adventurers, It is my plan to stage an attack against the Blue Dragon Army first thing this coming market. This of course promises to be no easy task. We have fought our way in before and now is the time for action. These dragons are not only a threat for Roefield but...
  5. Saro

    Shopping List

    Hello, So I am in need of arrows. Preferably around 300 but whatever you can sell would be wonderful. Additionally I am looking for an arcane armor that would withstand 25 dagger blows. I am however also very broke. If anyone would be able to sell this to me with a guarantee of payment by...
  6. Saro

    A hello again

    Hello all! I am making my way to Wayside for the first time in many moons. As such I am curious on what the state of affairs looks like. How are the frost giants doing?It should be fun. I’ll try not to die from willow wisps this time. I look forward to seeing some faces I haven’t seen in...
  7. Saro

    An Official Announcement from the Crimson Port

    *fliers go up around the Kingdom of Roefield with this message* Whichever organization or individual person has found it fit to take up arms in this Kingdom where my lands reside and my people live, you have made a grave mistake. Your treachery is done. I will not allow such acts of violence to...
  8. Saro

    I am a little late

    Pardon me as I typically make these dreamings closer to our meetings, however I have only recently realized I have failed to do so. It is much more likely that because of the time that has passed since our last meeting I will have forgotten something. As such I would hope that if you have...
  9. Saro

    Cool Ship Party

    Hello One and All! I would like to formally invite one and all to a cool ship party. This party will be held in lue of a cool cave party. All races are welcome! The party will be departing from Shell City around 12 bells the first day of the market. I will be bringing potato salad. Feel free...
  10. Saro

    To Do List (Fourth Market)

    Hello All! I'm not sure if people actually find these of any use, but I think its good because I forget most everything between markets. The Nine Dragons So I dont think there is an immediate solution to this one. The red, blue, black and white dragons do not seem to be indirect war with each...
  11. Saro

    To Do List for 3rd Market

    I would like to begin with congratulating everyone on a a job well done with removing the Mists. And while we are still left with some minor fog and traveling issues, we have done a great thing. That being said there’s still lots of things that remain. Dread Court This is an issue I would love...
  12. Saro

    To-Do List

    I have started this new habit of writing up important issues which need attending to for me personally. Despite popular belief, this is not a To-"DO" list, but more of a way of laying out the things that need attending to. I think this would be a good idea for us to do as a town as well. As such...
  13. Saro

    EL to the one day

    So my car got towed and I’m just now finding out if anyone is coming for the EL or that area a ride would be great. Thanks Kierra
  14. Saro

    I don't know how to camp

    I've never been camping anywhere but my backyard, how do I food? Like cook, keep fresh etc. Kierra/Pete/Im on the verge of an identity crisis lol
  15. Saro

    Hoping to be good at more stuff

    Hello Friends! After going many places, Ive realized I could know a lot more! If anyone is willing to teach me anything, I would like to learn Anything is great, but specifically fighty stuff. In exchange I can teach you to do a cartwheel or you can be happy with my gratitude. Thank you!! With...
  16. Saro

    Weird wooden coins

    How do I use these again. Are there special merchants that take them?
  17. Saro

    Hello Friends!

    Hello Friends! I am coming to visit again! I know, I'm excited too! unfortunately after murderfacing very many bad guys last year, I am very low on arrows .-. I am hoping to buy some. If you have extra arrows or you make them or you know of a magic stump which spews them out, please let me...
  18. Saro


    Do we know where we are tenting yet? Kierra
  19. Saro

    Needs, information and other stuff!

    Hello Friends! I miss you all very much, as the weather gets warmer I am excited to be with you all again soon! I have a series of questions and stuff What are all the known isles? Are there any isles of dreams which we know of? I would like to get a copper sword made, are there any...
  20. Saro

    What were we doing again?

    Hello Friends! I hope the winter was not too bad for you, personally, it is my least favorite time of the year! I feel like we were doing a lot of stuff before the snow fell and I don't remember alot of it, so here are some questions and statements. Please clarify things for me. -Some people...