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  1. Jevedor

    Follow up #2 to Greater Command Clarification.

    Taken from previous clarification viewtopic.php?f=98&t=17124 If Greater Command targets the body and not the spirit, shouldn't / why wouldn't you be able to use Greater Command effects on dead bodies? The spirit is not being targeted so the dead body seems viable. This seems to open a loop...
  2. Jevedor

    Follow up to Greater Command Clarification

    Follow up to this clarification. viewtopic.php?f=98&t=17124#p173804 The spirit is stored in a golem. A greater command effect (enslave) resolves on the Golem's body. That spirit leaves the golem to return to their own, they are no longer enslaved. Can you clarify the following. After...
  3. Jevedor

    Ranks and Titles Pertaining Eire

    People of Eire, For the purpose of transparency in matters of titles and rank within the realm of Eire, the following chart has been refined. This document should show and help identify who your most immediate authority should be in a given situation. If you have questions pertaining to this...
  4. Jevedor

    Looking for Wand and Penna

    Hello Chiram's Hollow, I am seeking Wand and Penna components. If you have these and are willing to sell please contact me privately. - Avian
  5. Jevedor

    Attention Users with Old Email Addresses on Accounts.

    Hi Forums, Over the past couple months there have been multiple occasions of users with email addresses that are no longer valid or do not exist. This is a problem because it means that if the system generates an email to send to you it bounces. When the server gets a lot of bounces, it can...
  6. Jevedor

    Contacting an Admin

    Hi Alliance Forums, Sometimes people get locked out of their accounts. Sometimes people notice things that are screwy or not working on the boards. We want to make sure you guys can use the forums as easily and smoothly as possible. So if you are having difficulties please contact an admin at...
  7. Jevedor

    Name Colors

    Several people have asked recently what the heck the different colored names mean. So here is a handy legend of colors and what they represent. • Admin • Global Moderator • Owners • Arc • Chapter Staff • Chapter Moderator • Misc Custom Group Note: A name can only be one color...
  8. Jevedor

    Destruction of Thelucia

    Chiram's Hollow As you all well know by now, Thelucia has come under grave devastation. Many lives were lost, and much has been destroyed. I am putting together groups to go into the devastation. We will be focusing on the tasks of looking for survivors and refugees, securing the area to...
  9. Jevedor

    Icon Legend

    It drives me nuts that I can never remember what the icons on the forum mean. So if you are like me hopefully this will help at some point. General points - Red icons are unread items, blue/grey are read - A star on any topic means you have posted in it - Announcement - Sticky topic - Read...
  10. Jevedor

    Website Technical Difficulties

    Hey all you Crossroads fans! I don't know how many of you were on the website over the past few days, but we were having some technical difficulties... The server got upgraded and a large chunk of code needed to be updated as well... you know all that fun good technical web stuff...
  11. Jevedor

    2012 event dates?

    Any word on event dates? My weekend calendar is starting to look crazy full, meaning no mater what im going to have conflicts... If you dont have dates yet it is what it is, but Im looking to start committing things to schedule and I do love me some undead killing deadlands action.
  12. Jevedor

    Healers and Celestial Guild Members Of Deadlands

    If you are or believe you are a member of the healers guild or celestial guild in Chirams Hollow, please send me an OOG pm to tell me who you are, who your character is, and which guild you belong to. Thanks, - Jeremy
  13. Jevedor

    Peanut Allergy Reminder

    Hey Guys, I dont play the Ashbury chapter as often as I would like, so Im just doing my usual reminder that I am allergic to peanuts/tree nuts. With peanuts & cashews it is an airborne proximity allergy. I will have my epi pen. Let me know if there are any questions. - Jeremy
  14. Jevedor

    Have a great 2011 Opener!

    Good luck with your opener guys! Have a great Event!
  15. Jevedor

    Seeking Astronomer

    I am looking for someone who is both knowledgeable in astronomy and rituals. Please seek me out. I will be close by the Vulgar Gargoyle. ~ Avian
  16. Jevedor

    Dragon stamp question

    I heard a rumor that PCs got dragon stamps for just attending nationals. Is this true, and if so how many and who do I contact about using said dragon stamps?
  17. Jevedor

    *Peanut Allergy Alert*

    Hey guys, as I only get a chance to come up and play in Ashbury every so often, and I know you have a new food comity, I'm just putting out a friendly reminder of my nasty peanut/nut allergy, for those who don't know me and what not. For regular tree nuts I just can't eat them, but with...
  18. Jevedor

    Conditions on the line

    Brought by messenger: Citizens of the Hollow, I report from the line at New Haven. Fighting continues on a daily basis. Legacy's forces continue to move both day and night, with little reprieve. We the defenders, the queens forces, still stand and fend off their continued assault, but it has...
  19. Jevedor

    As per Dans Request

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  20. Jevedor

    June Photos

    Did any one take photos of the june event? i thought i saw a camera out... but i havent seen anything posted here or on facebook.