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  1. Lurin

    Out of towner looking for ride

    Heya folks! I've suddenly found myself with time to hopefully come out to play but I need some help! I'm flying into O'hare with an expect arrival time of 2:42 if all goes to plan and need a ride to site (I don't mind hanging out at the airport for a couple of hours as needed. Second on Sunday...
  2. Lurin

    Alliance Raleigh Donation drive now open!

    See the details here! ->
  3. Lurin

    Alliance Raleigh Initial Fund Raiser

    Currently there are 20 donators that means 90% of donors will win a raffle prize!
  4. Lurin

    Magic Item Transfer Policy

    Alliance Raleigh currently has a ‘traveling enchanted’ cap on restricted items from other chapters. This includes restricted (traveling) items as well as standard effect LCO Items. Alliance Raleigh reserves the right to refuse any item that includes an effect not typical of the restricted...
  5. Lurin

    Level Cap Policy

    In order to ensure a smooth play experience Alliance Raleigh has a build point cap in place for our first three seasons. This is to allow both our new player community room to grow and shine and allow early plot lines to run with an appropriate amount of challenge. For the 2022 Season of...
  6. Lurin

    Closed Chapters Information and the Legacy System

    While the summary of the vote should be processed and announced soon I wanted to take a moment and describe the steps the owners have voted in to address the effects of closing chapters. All chapters that close will now be placed in a 'closed' state until the end of the calendar year 2 years...
  7. Lurin

    Welcome to Alliance Raleigh!

    Greetings everyone! We are obviously very excited to announce the creation of Alliance Raleigh Larp. We plan to be hosting games in and around the research triangle starting in 2022. We want to be sure that we have everything in place to run a quality game so we will be taking 2021 to prepare...
  8. Lurin


    I just wanted to say welcome to the newest chapter of Alliance, me and the Wife can't wait to make a trip out to see how you guys run! (post covid of course!)
  9. Lurin

    Hail and well met!

    Alright, I'll admit it not the most creative greeting, but sometimes you have to go with the classic, well at any rate.... Ahem, Greetings citizens and rulers of Barran, My name is Kallith and since my hundredth birthday celebration a scant number of years ago I have been exploring the various...
  10. Lurin

    Delayed by the Mists

    Regrettably both myself and Keladry have been delay and will be unable to make it to this market day. -Kallith
  11. Lurin


    So like most of us I'm chomping at the bit to send in m first IBGA is there are particular form we should be using? Thanks!
  12. Lurin

    Seeking an investiture scroll to borrow or buy.

    As said above I am in need of an investiture scroll, my intent is to use it exclusively for spell crafting so if you have one you are willing to loan me that would also be very helpful. My desire is to create a safe space/Circle in the tavern and be able to invest a small number of trusted...
  13. Lurin

    Wards on Offer

    Current Warding List for the June Gather 1.) Kallith and Company 2.) Gertrude 3.) Ainsley 4.) J' Rajj 5.) Foss...maybe? <your name here if you are sure!> So I've noticed that many folks are not having safety in their sleeping locations due the limited nature of Ward castings. As a public...
  14. Lurin

    Getting to know you

    Hello all, First off let me start by saying to the first worrywart that wants to say 'Wait the bad guys we'll no doubt encounter will listen don't say anything' is don't worry about it, anything here should be easy to find out and won't open anyone up to danger, that said feel free to be...
  15. Lurin


    So at the event I heard someone say that we could submit IBGAs, but I've been unable to find the address. Are we doing IBGAs before the 2-day or should we wait patiently?
  16. Lurin

    Looking for resources

    Since it seems that for a time I'm going to leave my cushy farm job and travel a bit more frequently I'd like to make sure I take advantage of any resources I can get my hands on. I have a fair bit of small round pieces of metal to trade, I think most folks still trade in those but you let me...
  17. Lurin

    Thanks for the Great Game! (and share what you learned!)

    Was great fun to to come out today and test out my expected Kallith build. What I learned - My new planned build was too effective/specific to a particular ability and lacked that 'jack of all trades master of none' feel I really enjoy, so I'll be making some changes to get him closer to the...
  18. Lurin

    Update on Race Packets needed

    So the Elf Racial packet still lists weapon restrictions, in the 2.0 pre-release packet you can find this line under section 5.2 for the race changes -> In general, all weapon-related restrictions have been removed. Is it the intent that Elven characters in Minnesota avoid using two-handed...
  19. Lurin

    Holiday/ New Years Get together

    So traditionally in the past I've hosted a holiday get together, while I am not longer the 'fearless leader', I'd like to know if folks would be interested in a new years eve gathering this year. This would come in two stages, folks attend one, two, or neither. 1.) Day time gathering/Gift...
  20. Lurin

    [.11] Making Crafters more versatile

    First off to start out, yes I understand that artisans are seem as the 'non-combat' option, and while this holds true there are times even artisans take the field. One of the roughest things about being a crafter in our game is the lack of options when your crafting is not needed, this is...