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  1. Spaz

    Town Update

    It is possible that I will be traveling through the mists and may likely attend this upcoming market.... I also notice that their seems to be a lacking of Battle Magic accounted for... if this is by circumstance, I may be able to assist with this during my visit, at a significant discount...
  2. Spaz

    July '22 Celestial Services

    It is possible that I and a few others from wayside may be able to find our ways through the mists and meet with you again for fun and adventure. As a fellow celestial Scholar, I am capable of many of the things described by Beryl M.R. and will honor the local customs regarding established...
  3. Spaz

    July Kitchen News

    Same... Assuming I will be able to for sure manipulate the world around me and be in attendance. I can even bring some GF pasta from home for the kitchen. Depending on stores around you, products may vary. Walmart (yes I know, some people don't like it but it's open 24 hrs and 5 blocks...
  4. Spaz


    Some lovely locals came out to Chicago's opener and was reminding us that your opener is this weekend and inviting us to come visit. Sadly that was during the pre-reg deadline... So, It's a little last minute (not only for staff, but us too. That said,, there is a few of us who are planning...
  5. Spaz

    July Opener 2021 Favorites!!

    I mean it was awesome and luls. But I was in the back of my mind preparing my 10 minute lecture that Corbel would be required to listen to during resurrection had he accepted a race change.. shen would have bullied his way into having the *privlidge* of performing that resurrection personally.
  6. Spaz

    July Opener 2021 Favorites!!

    In no particular order * will someone tell me that Hoblings name? * the plane of Junk, where we meet Kevin. Then attempting to determine if this is the "Kevin" from the mysterious Iron Key * plane Hopping and engaging in some Give and take with Varbog. We do this thing for you, you do this...
  7. Spaz

    Alliance Wyoming GoFundMe and Amazon Wishlist

    Cool cool. I didn't really expect it to be "to your specifications" customized. More pre-made style, color, size. As "weapon" can mean all kinds of things. Boons & GS - cool, just wanted to check my understanding. Production - cool, I figured for the same reason but still wanted to check...
  8. Spaz

    Alliance Wyoming GoFundMe and Amazon Wishlist

    What is the time line to work with the Colorado Foamforge custom request? As we are now at 6 of 10, and I imagine they will want to start getting those details before the holiday season. Not to mention very close to the stage 2 goal which is very exiting for the Opening season fundraiser...
  9. Spaz

    SOLAR Services, annual refresher - year 321

    There are a number of celestial services available from members of the Solar Guild. The Guildhouse Librarian of Fairfax & Arbor may be contacted in lieu of an Adventuring Apprentice/Journey/Master. The Guildhouse Librarian however rarely will barter. Only coin is accepted for typical...
  10. Spaz

    (4) NP: Vampire Sighting

    I will triple check as I spent my fair share of time dieing or dead myself - however I believe we are safe on this front.
  11. Spaz

    (4) NP: Vampire Sighting

    Two years ago when Ten, Nikki, and Ezrin joined our adventuring community. Beryl & I took them out to test their new adventuring spirit in reported problems nearby LifeStorm Keep. We encountered a very clever Vampire filled with humorous satire. (Vampire or not, funny is still funny)...
  12. Spaz

    (3) NP: Planar Tear. PNA: New Orc Clan in Fairfax!

    ((CC: Sir Kurzon)) Also in mine and the other new adventurers' travels the Celestial Guild heard word of elementals on the material plane and wished it investigated. It seems most likely that over the winter a new group/clan of Orcs found shelter in an otherwise unused or occupied collection...
  13. Spaz

    (2) NP: Goblins.... Now with Tentacles

    Possessing one or two tentacles in place of arms. Which does not seem to encumber their ability to fight, offer witty banter, or zero to sprint when feeling overwhelmed. They seemed equally capable in using their tentacle arms as weapons with equal force from the front or behind. Something...
  14. Spaz

    (1) New Friends, New Problems, Potential New Allies!

    Fellow Adventurers & Friends, This is a long dream. Pull up a comfortable cloud, and imaginary favorite beverage… I have broken it into different dreams so that question, comments, or concerns can be kept on topic and not mixed up. First… New Friends! Over this past weekend I was out with...
  15. Spaz

    Small Auction

    I would start the offer of 5 gold for the construct scroll Equally, I would start the offer of 5 gold for each of the Summon Foundation Element scrolls
  16. Spaz

    Small Auction

    Are these rituals or catalysts? Are the closely tied to the lands? -Shen
  17. Spaz

    Materials Search

    Aramis; Always. - SHEN
  18. Spaz

    Materials Search

    After speaking with Squire Rusty, as I will already be spending some time at my workshops in Koshinari Dutchy with other crafters. When you are ready to attempt the mining effort for that obscure ore, please seek myself and Yasuhiro out and we will offer our aid and escort. Unrelated, I...
  19. Spaz

    Secrets from Inside the Waystones

    Et all; What would be the purpose or goal of such a restriction and how is it measured as a monumental good and measured against what? I have concerns with the idea of containing/restricting energy so that it may not freely flow. This would be akin to building a damn with no release. It...
  20. Spaz

    Searching for Permenancy Catalyst

    Binks, Feel free to reach out sooner, I would rather have an idea of the arrangement you might seek. As it will allow you to know that much sooner if I could manage it. Squire Ragnerok, That is good to know that such may be an option. I will inquire further at our next market Gathering. -...