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  1. Surion Maedhros

    Paste of Stickiness, Poison Cache, and Poison Trigger

    That makes sense. To clarify, I think your answer to all three examples would be "No, but you can use/trigger other Poisons as normal while the weapon's stuck to you."
  2. Surion Maedhros

    Paste of Stickiness, Poison Cache, and Poison Trigger

    Paste of Stickiness, when applied to a weapon, allows you to Resist a "Disarm" effect for 10 minutes. It also prevents you from letting go of the weapon, even if it's shattered. Though it isn't explicit, I'm assuming the intended rule is that these are the only effects that apply when applied to...
  3. Surion Maedhros

    January Event Favorites!

    I was only able to attend the second half of the event, but I enjoyed it! Favorite moments and big thanks include: - The Panthergaunt Party. A chaotic battle, with something to do at every turn? Yes, thank you. - The Trap Mod. From climbing over and around things to getting exploded underneath...
  4. Surion Maedhros

    Lessons from a Battlemage

    If you attend Zeth's lesson to learn, I'll ensure you have what you need to practice. If you are new to the effort, please come by. More personally, I need to know how your people cast magic, so I can make what you need. - R.P. Dextermagus
  5. Surion Maedhros

    Seeking Researchers

    I am very interested in conducting research. We should speak in-person. I am curious about your thesis. - Dexter
  6. Surion Maedhros

    Crafting services

    Dear Gertrude, We haven't met, but I intend to travel to Straydn to do war with another Lich. I write to let you know this because I am also a master potionmaker, as well as a master scribe, and it is important to the effort that we quartermasters coordinate our efforts. I hope we have the...
  7. Surion Maedhros

    ARB: Alliance Rulebook Beta Feedback

    Nitpick: The description on page 124 reads "Any missing or withered limbs will also be temporarily regenerated..." (6th paragraph), but limbs aren't withered anymore
  8. Surion Maedhros

    ARB: Alliance Rulebook Beta Feedback

    The spell description for Stun Limb says it is 8th level and scrollable, while it's shown on the spell table (p114) at 7th level and missing from the scroll table entirely. The spell description for Slow says it is 2nd level, while the spell table indicates it is 1st.
  9. Surion Maedhros

    Videa Build Cap, Ritual Cap, and LCO Carryover Policies

    Edit: Major changes made for the 2019 season are underlined for emphasis
  10. Surion Maedhros

    2.0 Playtest: LCO Effects

    Hello All, Our continuous LCO effects will be modified as follows for the playtest: Necromancy As before, please inform us if your character casts or uses Necromancy. Please note that there is a new Necromantic ritual, "Life Leech", that has no verbal and is not detectable when it's...
  11. Surion Maedhros

    [.11] Create scroll and Create Potion production charts

    The way we're handling it is that you can produce it, and you'll be handed a 1.3 tag for whatever you made. Then, for the 2.0 playtest that you're about to play, it's switched over using the "on-the-fly" conversion rules. This means that your Cure Lights all become "5 Healing", and your Cure...
  12. Surion Maedhros

    [.11] Create scroll and Create Potion production charts

    For our upcoming playtest, since there's no Scroll or Potion charts (in v 0.11b), we're assuming the Scroll and Potion charts for ARB 1.3 are in effect; effectively meaning that no new spells can be producted. I agree that we should, at some point, reviewing the new spells for craftability...
  13. Surion Maedhros

    [.11] Trap Qualifiers and Defensives

    Hello All, I have a few questions about the new trap rules. It makes sense to me that the qualifier for Weapons, Gas Traps, and Scroll Traps are Weapon, Poison, and Spell, respectively. What is the qualifier for an explosive trap or a Massive trap? Do they simply not have one (being simply "50...
  14. Surion Maedhros

    Looking for a Workspace

    Hello, Barran. I don't know where, exactly, the mist will take me this time, but I know I can make use of a laboratory, a distillery, or a library when I get there. Any of the three, really. If you're willing to rent out your workspace, I'll happily make whatever it is that is needed. I'm sure...
  15. Surion Maedhros

    Mint Purchase Policy

    Mints are an in-game item, an alchemically treated vellum banknote. These items can be transferred at will, destroyed, and stolen. They break when exposed to flame and acid traps. NPCs may exchange Mint in game to PCs for coin, items, or favors. In exchange for Mint, NPCs may give PCs items...
  16. Surion Maedhros

    Videa Campaign Effects and Policies

    Edited June 19th, 2018: Added "Flurries & Combat Engagement", "Gaseous Form", and "Unseen"
  17. Surion Maedhros

    A Declaration to all in Derrin's Pass

    [Trading Post Wall] June 20, 1018 PVF To All in Derrin's Pass, The Laws of the Kingdom of Videa make no mention of race. As King Leonis Videa V has stated in many proclamations, his intent was for his Laws’ protection extends to all people who respect them. The Beastman have not respected...
  18. Surion Maedhros

    An Abrupt Nightmare

    [Dreaming: The Mists] Do n.. ...s. t... .. not trust t... .. .ot trust them! Do not trust them! Do not trust them! DO NOT TRUST THEM! DO NOT TRUST THEM! DO NOT TRUS* - an anonymous, tortured voice
  19. Surion Maedhros

    LCO Ritual Purchase Policy

    At Alliance LARP NH, Goblin Stamps (GS) can be exchanged for Local Chapter Only (LCO) magic items and/or rituals. These items and rituals can be issued to any character that you portray in the Alliance system. All rituals generated with this policy will be subject to the current Magic Item...
  20. Surion Maedhros

    Videa Campaign Effects and Policies

    This thread lists and describes the various campaign effects and policies that Alliance Videa uses. When additional campaign effects are added in game, this list will be updated, and a notification of the update will be made on the Alliance Videa Facebook Page. Please feel free to leave comments...