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  1. aara

    Official Stormbreak Feast Day

    At the event closer, we talked about the idea of having a feast day over the very long winter's break, and now it's a reality! When: February 9. 2019 from 11-5 Where: Brunswick, NY We are still working out a lot of the logistical details of food/donations/plot, etc. but they will be posted...
  2. aara

    Pre reg list?

    Just wondering when the list is going to be up, I was hoping to get a cabin & wanted to make sure our payment was set! :)
  3. aara

    Facebook Page

    Is there a Stormbreak Facebook page? I don't come here often, and I'd love to know when new things are posted so I can come take a look then :)
  4. aara

    Kid's Campaign - A Call for Artists

    Are you an awesome artist? Does the idea of drawing kids in costume doing cutely heroic things sound awesome to you? Do you want some super shiny HQ gobbies? Well, then you are just what we are looking for! We are working on finalizing the kid's version of the rules and we'd love to be able to...
  5. aara

    Kid's Events

    Hi there! So, it seems in the last few years that there has been a bunch happening with kid's events - HQ runs them, CT runs them, Xroads used to run them... and we want to get together and talk some more about them and maybe solidify some rules that our tiny chapter-hoppers might get to have...
  6. aara

    Wonder what the Kid's Event was like?

    Here's my thoughts: :)
  7. aara

    Write Up Questions

    Ok - so I read through the write-up guidelines and I have some questions - 1. If someone was met and interacted with in game, does it still cost plot points to make a connection with them? 2. If you have a few local people to talk to do they each count as a single action? 3. Can you talk to...
  8. aara

    June 2 Mod Day - FOOD!

    Just to let you know, food will be provided! Due to the early nature of the event, a hot breakfast will be served IN GAME in the Tavern! Also, dinner will be served, also IN GAME later in the day. Meals are included in your entry price (however, food donations will NEVER be turned down ;))...
  9. aara

    June 2 Mod Day - Are you coming?

    So, I'm super excited about this event, so, of course, I need to know who is planning to come!
  10. aara


    I know there were lots of pictures taken Saturday - so... where are they? ;) I am impatient... lol
  11. aara

    Private Rooms

    Hi guys - I have private rooms for this event, but I have no idea what they are like inside - are there bunks? Should I bring an air mattress or are there mattresses? Is it just a room with nothing in it? Thanks! Kelly
  12. aara

    New Character Question

    Ok - I'm not a new player, but this question is one I couldn't answer (dang rules changes). Does a character starting with "Read Magic" get a wand as part of the starting treasure?
  13. aara

    Latex weapons

    I'm looking for a latex weapon that looks cool and organic and would be acceptable to use as a dryad. I'm not finding much, save for a staff, and I'm not certain that is what I want to use.. any ideas or direction?
  14. aara

    Excitement is building...

    Stuff is coming together! This is going to be AWESOME... Or something like that... OK! back to writing (and making horrible comic strips in MS paint...)
  15. aara

    Shameless plug - Play to Benefit Flood Victims

    OK, so I know it's a long shot, since I know no one is from around here. But if you know someone in the area who wants something to do on a Wednesday this might be the thing! A community organization I'm a part of is hosting a special 100% benefit performance of "Hell and High Water", a piece...
  16. aara

    Appropriate Tent space

    Hey guys - we are considering staying on site, but won't get in until Saturday Morning. Where are the places that we can set up a tent that are cool & not too disruptive to game?
  17. aara

    Low-Level Events?

    I did a quick search and I got 68 pages of results not pertaining to this at all... so I'm going to ask, I apologize in advance if this has been asked already. What happened to lowbie events? I don't see any up on the calendar - any chance these are coming back?
  18. aara

    Necklace - for everyone that asked

    For all you ladies that asked where I got my necklace - here's the seller info on etsy :) She does them all custom & I STILL got it within a week :) ... eller_info
  19. aara

    Steve D...

    Are you getting my PM's? They aren't in my sent items... =/
  20. aara


    THought I'd share what I managed to get yesterday! Sorry for the quality, lack of sun does a number of the camera :(