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    Festivities and Celebration

    Hello people, Grok here. ...Can you hear me? Yes I did resurrect ok at a different circle. I hope all of you were safe on the Isles. I hear there is a Tournament festival thing going on. I will be hosting for a small fee, like a silver or something, a fire gathering. After dinner, during the...
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    Ashban adventurers hear me!

    Don't go hungry at your gather! I shall be coming to you with all the baked goods, meat, and drink I can carry. All for sale!!! I look forward to doing business with you all -Mr. Evenspark
  3. J

    August event rules question

    What are the rules mechanics for the "morph"?
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    Logistics response and character transfers 5/28 - 6/7

    For those needing to go to an event next weekend or the weekend after that please get me your requests as soon as you know you will be attending if you haven't already. I will be in the process of packing up, moving, and unpacking as soon as I get back from HQ this weekend.
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    Logistics Laptop offline. In need of donated laptop

    Greetings everyone. Today the logistics laptop power supply died. I ordered a new one and it should be here no later than Monday. I know some of you have events you're going to within 2 weeks and I'll work with you to get your cards done as quickly as I can. I'll devote Monday night and Tuesday...
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    Logistics Donation Drive 2014

    Greetings everyone. To start logistics off with some needed items and a nice overhead in supplies I'm requesting the following items: Please inquire via private message if you plan on buying an item on this list. The list will be updated periodicly as things have been added, or bought by...
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    Logistics backlog

    Greetings everyone. I have started a second full time job and haven't had time to dedicate directly to logistics as I've been run down from it. I hope to answer everyone's requests no later than Friday Night. I apoligize for the delay and it will soon be back on track to your regularly scheduled...
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    Logistics 5/2013 EVENT Announcement (3PM!!!)

    Hello everybody, HQ Log Head here. Hope you're all ready for the weekend. I've got Great news for early arrivals! Since there are so many players this event I'm going to open up logistics NOT AT 7PM but at 3PM! 3PM!! :zonks: 3PM!!! :zonks: . So if you arrive in at 3 with your magic items...
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    In Regards to the medical Locker

    Since the medical locker is in logistics it's always in my mind (especially now that there's a sign on it). Can we have an EMT, Med Tech, or someone certified higher than CPR/First Aid do an inventory and check to see what we need to replace/toss/purchase? If you can do this at the next event...
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    Lost at the July Event

    Hey all. If anyone found a set of car keys (one key & one remote) I'm missing my set. EDIT: Verified what type of keys
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    NPC Looking for a ride

    Good evening. My name is Josh and I'm rather new to Alliance and LARPing in general. I've got 3 events under my belt and am looking for a ride from the Rockland County NY (Tappan-Zee Bridge) area to HQ for the June event. I don't have much money but I'll still be willing to chip in a bit for...