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  1. Arkade

    Excited for 2.0, though I don't like 50% of the new rules, the current system needs an overhaul...

    Excited for 2.0, though I don't like 50% of the new rules, the current system needs an overhaul. I support this change/update.
  2. Arkade

    July Event Feedback

    Had an overall great event. Thank you again Weather Whisperer Joe/Gideon for blessing us with this fine temperate event. Pro Meditation time - Something I'm trying out. IRL I do morning meditation and it helps me focus and center myself. Doing actual meditation IG, even if just in a tent or...
  3. Arkade

    Just wondering what's up

    Been thinking a lot about the national event, owners meeting and the current state of 2.0. I apologize if this is posted elsewhere on the forums, I've looked around and assumed it would be here if anywhere. Just wondering what the current state of 2.0 looks like. Th long silence concerns me a...
  4. Arkade

    Memes for the meme throne

    Couple more memes
  5. Arkade

    Plot Point Awarded (Brigit Convery)

    Well deserved. The consistency was incredible. There was not a singular moment I saw @brconvery say one half of a word during combat, even in reaction to someone about to get hit from behind. This level of dedication is very inspiring and has already helped me in dedication to good RP. Again...
  6. Arkade

    Healing House Water HELP!

    I'm on it! :D
  7. Arkade

    Memes for the meme throne

    There we go, got it!
  8. Arkade

    Memes for the meme throne

    I've been making a few memes and stumbled across a few good ones over the last few months. This thread is mostly just for lols. Enjoy. and dome mind the typos, these are usually made real quick on a whim.
  9. Arkade

    Supporting our Game

    Love the idea Matt, also I love that there isn't some sort of "compensation" for this other than making our game just that much better. If there was exp, coin, "picks" or something else dangling on the other end, I would not have joined in. Though I would have done my traditional 2hr NPC window...
  10. Arkade

    Guilds, Factions and Other Stuff

    As I am new to these lands, I spent most of my day trying to gather as much information as possible. There are a few details that are hazy at best, though I would much rather gather this information in person, there are always pressing matters that pull people away/distract from the...
  11. Arkade

    May 18th-20th event feedback

    Every single moment of this event was gold for me. If I was to list favorites I'd have to write out the event in story book form. From late night talks about the happenings of the land, to emotionally charged interactions with mountain dwarfs to long walks through the dark hellish landscape of...
  12. Arkade

    May 4th-6th Weekend Feedback

    Absolutely LOVED playing my character for the first time in 9years! I'll give my highs and lows. Lows to start -If I was a low-level player or newb the 6person restriction would probably cause me to be the odd man out by elimination. I know this was already talked about a bit after, BUT, I do...
  13. Arkade

    Remember Cobra from GI joes. I think something like that would be awesome.

    Remember Cobra from GI joes. I think something like that would be awesome.
  14. Arkade

    Thoughts and Favorite moments after October event!

    I had a great, GREAT time LARPing this event. I don't know what it was but all the way up until saturday evening I just wasn't "feeling" it, couldn't quite get my finger on why though. Back to that in just a moment -Crazy awesome dark shadowy guys stalking players and hearing, "I don't feel...
  15. Arkade

    Costume Party Question

    I really like the idea of dressing up as a profession, era, or favorite NPC. Allot of medieval era dress up for fun was to impersonate, mock, or glorify an individual, the "jest" as we know it. However, as we are playing a game of glorified dress up already, I'd try and be as crafty as possible...
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  17. Arkade

    Hello All!

    Great Event Looking forward to November!!!
  18. Arkade

    Pre-Reg Dessert

  19. Arkade

    A Quick Look at Some Rules

    The Hold Rule Anyone who sees an unsafe situation happening or about to happen can call a Hold in a fight. “Hold!” should be yelled so that everyone in battle can hear it—otherwise, it may be followed by another flurry of swings. When a Hold is called, stay exactly where you are and drop...
  20. Arkade

    THANK YOU ALL!!! (June Event)

    I had a fantastic time this event, sorry it took me forever to finish up the fire guys! Thanks everyone for all the great feedback, and complements on the armor, gets me really pumped to start working on the other stuff rite away! Huge shout out to Amy! If you think amazing food like this is...