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  1. Josh Voorheez

    In the courtyard of The Lux

    A thick mist slowly rolls in from the fae forest and surrounds Jinn's small stone house nearby, creeping over the freshly fallen sniw. It grows so thick that soon all that is visible is the chimney and the smoke lazily rising from it. A few minutes pass and the mist is slowly pulled back into...
  2. Josh Voorheez

    A traveler emerges from a portal

    A shimmering purple portal opens and a figure drops from it, landing in a puddle with a splash. "Aww that's great, thanks Elspeth. You really need to work on your aim." He exclaims out loud. He squints to avoid the midday sun and scans his environment. Spotting his target a few miles in the...
  3. Josh Voorheez

    Spell crafting difficultly

    When a ritual has a spell crafting difficulty of 2 does that mean it costs 2 reagents AND 2 points of high magic, or 2 reagents AND 1 point of high magic?
  4. Josh Voorheez

    Visitor from another land

    *If you are familiar with the Sylvanborn Jinn Wildgrove this message will come to you as you sleep, through the dream scape* Hello friends of New Acarthia, I hope this finds you well. I find myself planning in visiting your lands within the month, during your October gather. I'm hoping that...
  5. Josh Voorheez

    A day off

    Jinn strolls into the Ogres Head Tavern and looks around. "Hmm, seems quieter without the rabble here... Kind of nice" he says to himself as he takes a seat. The waitress comes over and he orders two strong drinks. "Seems like I have a few days off before I return... home... ish. Hopefully...
  6. Josh Voorheez

    An unexpected meeting

    The large doors to the Earth Weavers guild house creak open and a tired looking Jinn steps out. Out of breath he mumbles something about a portal needed to be installed sooner rather than later. Unfamiliar with his surroundings, he takes a moment to look around and take in the room, before...
  7. Josh Voorheez

    Waiting for the Archmage

    With a flash of purple light Jinn emerges from the portal. He smiles at the attendant at the desk. "Can you please inform the Archmage that Warmage Jinn is here, and is absolutely not expected." Jinn walks over to the closest bench and takes a seat.
  8. Josh Voorheez

    Deep in the library

    Jinn paces back and forth, staring at the dusty tomes on his table with disgust. Information on the dark reaches was frustratingly harsh to find, and his anger wasn't letting him focus at all. What had gotten into his house? Who had killed his friend?? Roughly pulling his chair out, he sat back...
  9. Josh Voorheez

    Blanketing Big West 2019

    Will blanketing the event require goblin stamps from Seattle, or will we be able to use our home chapter stamps? I ask because I've read that we will be able to use our home stamps, but that option is not avalible on the C.M.A. currently. Thanks :)
  10. Josh Voorheez

    In the tavern

    The tavern door swings open and Jinn walks in, striding over to his usual table in the back of the room. He sternly orders a drink and scans the room, his face unable to hide his anger and dissapointenmet. He offers a brisk thanks when it arrives, downs it, and orders another stronger one...
  11. Josh Voorheez

    Fellow scroll users

    So i have acquired a decent collection if scrolls and I was wondering what others are using to keep them organized at game.
  12. Josh Voorheez

    Looking for Reagents

    Jinn staggers into the tavern and walks over to the community board. He sticks a piece of parchment overtop of Ruki's and chuckles "Jinn is searching for the following reagents, needs them sooner rather than later Penna x 3 Nightshade x 1 Truesilver x 2 Fangtooth x 2 Carriosus x 1" With that...
  13. Josh Voorheez

    Sylvanborn and Sleep blow

    How do my fellow Sylvanborn feel about using Sleep Blow? To me it represents knocking someone out using a physical strike and not command magic, but I am curious how others feel about it. This is coming from someone who has used a sleep scroll twice in his 2 years. Once because I had nothing...
  14. Josh Voorheez

    Searching for Master Isawda

    Jinn walks into the Ogres Head Tavern, his slight limp still nagging him. He looks around, trying to spot the person his was looking for. Not seeing him, he walks up to the notice board and posts a notice. Jinn is seeking Master Isawda Questions related to earth ritual After posting his...
  15. Josh Voorheez

    A familior faces emerges from the portal

    A flash of light filled the portal room and Jinn emerges into the familiar setting. He had been traveling for almost two weeks, and thought it exhaustion when he looked around and didn't see what he expected. A moment passed and realization washed over his face. He walks over to the attendant...
  16. Josh Voorheez

    A Winter of reconnection

    About a week had passed since he left The Lux under the cover of darkness. Rumor had it that he wasn't the only one who had left, it seemed that the guardians needed some quiet over the winter. A hooded figure slowly makes his way through the snow up a small hill. Jinn lifted his hood and the...
  17. Josh Voorheez

    Wandering Orc

    A slight chill is in the air as a lone orc wanders into the small town, looking for a place to rest his feet. He spys a tavern and makes his way inside, paying no mind to the stares he receives as he walks in. In the past few months since leaving the desert he has noticed not many of his kind...
  18. daengermouse

    Entering the Sanctum

    Evo enters the Sanctum, and instructs the staff to inform Lord Az'Caine of his arrival. He rests, and writes, until the archmage is ready.
  19. Josh Voorheez

    A quick stop

    Jinn strides into the tavern, skin darkened from the sun, and finds his favorite chair by the fire. The cold usually didnt bother him, but coming from such a warm climate to this gloomy weather was a but of a shock. He ordered his usual 2 mugs of mead, downing the first in a hearty few sips. He...
  20. Josh Voorheez

    Loot bag dicussion

    I wanted to start a thread about loot bag ideas. My idea is that as we are on the way to large town mods before dinner on Saturday and Sunday before we end, we can elect someone to be loot holder. We can have a nice pretty bag that it all goes into whenever someone loots and at the end we have...