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  1. Billin

    In a tavern in Nelix

    The next morning after arriving in Nelix and the heated talks in the Circle room, Billin enters one of the taverns and orders a strong whiskey before looking around the room to see if anyone was there from the fort.
  2. Billin

    At the Forge

    The constant clang of metal on metal stopped once again as I let the metal heat back up. Through the sound of the fire and the wheeze of the billows I thought about what I was making. Not something to be sold, nor something that had been commissioned. No finally I was making something for...
  3. Billin

    looking for Scarlett

    Entering the Ogres Head Billin looks around for his friend and fellow Outfitter Scarlett. Not seeing him right away, Billin heads to the bar and orders a cold beer, placing his money on the counter Billin turns and looks out to the patrons that are settling in for a night of drinking.
  4. Billin

    Getting answers

    A tall elf storms into the Earth Weavers Enclave. Looking around he spots an attendant at the front desk and stomps up to it. "You have to fix this!" He yells pointing to himself, "Or someone here must be able to!"