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  1. A.mungo

    Poll: Lets talk about DoomBlow

    I'm not unintentionally blaming them for when this skill doesn't land, if they have chosen the cards, and are choosing to increase the difficulty of landing skills intentionally, then I am intentionally blaming them. As said before the skill naturally lends itself to be combined with other...
  2. A.mungo

    Poll: Lets talk about DoomBlow

    I think that Doom Blow as written with the original 2.0 intent was great. In the original database there were like 8 out of 400 cards that had any kind of defense against curse. That being said, as ARC has always stated, we should trust our plot teams. If the current plot team for your game has...
  3. A.mungo

    LFS! (Looking for Shield :) )

    Hey folks, I happen to be traveling in via a plane and was wondering if anyone might have and be able to bring a shield rep that I could borrow for the weekend? Thanks again! -Tony Mungo
  4. A.mungo

    Need a Celestial Ritual Caster for Big West?

    Alavatar!!!! I am going to need your help a great deal! Save me room for 20-30 -Raganzi!
  5. A.mungo

    Enhanced Wand conversion?

    Hey folks, just a heads up that the current converters seem to be missing enhance wand? Enhance Wand Aspect: Celestial Difficulty: 3 Catalyst Required: No NPC Only Ritual: No Role Play Only: No Scroll Type: Physical Casting Time: 5 Minutes Duration: One Year May...
  6. A.mungo

    APG: Alliance Players Guide Beta Feedback

    Outside of pop-culture references, are we honestly at a point where we dont have anything other than sexism to draw on for inspiration? Is it such a focal point of the powers that be that we couldnt include a puzzle room mod, or a survival scenario, or literally anything else that is not...
  7. A.mungo

    Refuge ritual

    3 intercation questions for forced check in of the whole spirit and all effects- How will this interact with LCO Spirit Linked/Locked items, Restricted Spirit Linked/Locked items which are not approved to come into a chapter, and Ritual capped games?
  8. A.mungo

    Conversion Change & Dragon Stamp Items

    Bump as deadline is approaching, and there has been no answer.
  9. A.mungo

    Big West 2019 - Visitor Assistance Program

    Hey! Invite me to this group please, traveling in with 5-7 or so from the east coast :)
  10. A.mungo

    Spirit Recall Duration

    If I had a previous Vengence on my spirit does my 2.0 vengence have the same expiration date, or does new Vengence just make it times ever according to the spreadsheet?
  11. A.mungo

    High Magic and Quicken Meditation Interactions

    Right, I'd like it to be consistent and objective. Please ping your owners on this for either clarification, or to remove the crafting marshal requests for non tag creation mechanics
  12. A.mungo

    High Magic and Quicken Meditation Interactions

    If it shouldnt be relied on during combat, it might be worth adding a note that it cannot be done when combat is present. Creating subjective exceptions will change the way the game plays chapter to chapter, the opposite of the goal of a unified rule set. I would absolutely love to be in a...
  13. A.mungo

    Level vs. Build vs. Xp

    I guess maybe I just dont like the hanging 5. Probably the root of the issue, or the fact that we don't really use the concept widely except in specific cases where we use it for convenience, but it stands out as an exception. Everytime I explain it to someone, and they ask why, I describe why...
  14. A.mungo

    Level vs. Build vs. Xp

    I recognize also that this would be an additional ask from the tech team late in the game, and I'm not married to it. It just got brought up as a new player explanation issue.
  15. A.mungo

    Level vs. Build vs. Xp

    Do you mean build/10 rounded down to the nearest 5, still seems archaic to rely on an additional concept (also can we just drop the 5?)
  16. A.mungo

    Level vs. Build vs. Xp

    Can we do away with levels??? I think only Sylvanborn and hardy are using it? It can be simplified to 1 craftsman or hardy/10 build up to 5 craftsman or something like that. Either way, do we really need this concept still? Starting at 25/lvl 2 and having that weird, and honestly needless...
  17. A.mungo

    Corrupt Self Fix

    Speaking of self care, how does Drain and post corrupt interact? Is the control effect curable?
  18. A.mungo


    I think the intent and focus here should specifically be on the end of the sentance It isn't may make offensive strikes in general, and also throw packets at other targets. It reads as may do both at other targets. Which is the intent.
  19. A.mungo

    This rule change is horrible

    Just to bring everyone back on track, As someone not on ARC or firmly in love with the new rules set, I can truly see both sides. 2.0 started as an idea that there would be one final rules change. It was supposed to be a large all encompassing change. The idea was to be done with the idea of...
  20. A.mungo

    Prerelease packet questions

    This section is for questions, start a thank ARC thread :p Catalysts for removed rituals, how do they convert in the new system?