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  1. Auric

    Why don't you NPC?

    One thing I have noticed in my region lately is a lower turnout of NPC's, a vital role in the success of the game. So, I have a question to those players that always or mostly always PC: 1)What is it that keeps you from NPCing/what don't you enjoy about it? 2)What sort of incentives might get...
  2. Auric

    Alliance 2.0 Players Guide: Beta 2

    The Beta 2 version of the Players Guide is now available for download. This is being made available for another round of review as player feedback has been very helpful finding areas that need to be corrected. Please keep in mind the content and tone of the Players Guide remains up to the...
  3. Auric

    Removal of teacher skill

    The owners have voted to remove the Teacher skill. This will allow players to purchase new skills as they wish within the CMA without first finding someone who has the skill and can teach. Those players who have the teacher skill will be refunded the build spent for it.( The cost will be...
  4. Auric

    May 2019 event blankets

    To support staff preparation for character migration into the CMA for the upcoming May 31st 2.0 live date, we find ourselves needing to relax the blanketing rule for the month. Players are permitted and encouraged to request blankets in advance of any events this month prior to May 31st...
  5. Auric

    May 2019 blankets

    To support staff preparation for character migration into the CMA for the upcoming May 31st 2.0 live date, we find ourselves needing to relax the blanketing rule for the month. Players are permitted and encouraged to request blankets in advance of any events this month prior to May 31st...
  6. Auric

    2.0 Dragon Stamp Magic Items

    Restricted Alliance Magic Item: A contributor may utilize their Dragon Stamps to purchase magical items via a formula. Alliance items are Restricted thus usable within any campaign in the Alliance. • The duration of an Alliance magic item is either 20 Logistics Periods, or 100 Logistics Periods...
  7. Auric

    Official 2.0 start date and race change info

    2.0 official switchover date Starting May 31st, Alliance will officially switch to the 2.0 ruleset. Any events held on or after this date must run with the 2.0 ruleset. Work on the official rulebook is underway and we intend to have this completed before the May 31st launch date. We will make an...
  8. Auric

    Alliance rulebook 2.0 pictures

    Work on creating the finalized ARB 2.0 will begin very shortly, we are looking to obtain pictures from the community which can be used in the new rulebook. If you have any of yourself or containing a group who are all OK with their photo being used please email them to me at
  9. Auric

    New policy - skill sell back

    The owners have voted to immediately pass a new policy allowing players to sell skills back. Once per month, per character, a player may remove a skill from their card at the cost of 60gs. Selling back skills does not allow you to violate prerequisite requirements. As such you must sell back...
  10. Auric

    Additional uses for goblin stamps

    The owners have voted to pass a series of rules allowing new uses for goblin stamps. Teacher Tag - 100 Goblin stamps ( Allows you to purchase an untaught skill ) LCO Component for spellcrafting - 50 Goblin stamps ( These components can only be used for spellcrafting at logistics ) Full...
  11. Auric

    Alliance 2.0 update

    As we move closer to finalizing the 2.0 ruleset we feel it's important to give all players the ability to familiarize themselves with the upcoming rule changes. Attached is the v.11 playtest packet which we hope to be one of the last revisions. Playtest discussion can be found here
  12. Auric

    Diversity and PR committes forming - Signup here

    Alliance LARP is in the process of forming two new committees, the Diversity committee and Public Relations committee. Diversity Committee Examples of responsibilities: Make suggestions to the business on how to be more inclusive. Create and maintain a code of conduct. Help with identifying...
  13. Auric

    Dark elf makeup requirement change

    Effective August 1st 2018 black makeup can no longer be used for dark elves. The owners have voted to change the racial requirement to dark blue, grey, or dark purple makeup. Some chapters are already offering a version of this policy at an LCO level. Also, some plot teams may be choosing to...
  14. Auric

    New NPC benefit

    In an effort to increase the incentive to NPC the owners have voted to immediately pass a new NPC blanket rule. This new blanket functions much like a goblin/dragon blanket would except to be able to purchase one you must NPC an entire event. If you NPC an entire event you will have the...
  15. Auric

    Increased moderator presence

    I've asked the moderators to keep a closer eye on this forum. We've received an increasing number of complaints around hostility and aggressiveness here. We are not all going to agree on certain topics, at the end of the day we are all expressing what we feel best for the game which allows...
  16. Auric

    New starting Build and Body

    We will be making changes to the body and build calculations for starting players in an effort to help new characters feel more immediately impactful. We will increase starting body for all characters to 10 (increased from 6). We will also have all new characters start at second level (25...
  17. Auric

    Playtest community manager

    As noted in the original Alliance 2.0 Rules and Playtesting post ARC doesn't have the bandwidth to stay up to date on everything happening here on this forum. To combat this I've asked Chris F. @Tevas to act as our Playtest Community Manager. His job will be to act as a go-between for players...
  18. Auric

    Character building

    Curious to see what characters would look like under the current playtest rules. Based on the 0.7 rulebook please build a 20th and 30th level character you would play.
  19. Auric

    Playtesting ruleset 2.0

    Ruleset 2.0 has not been finalized. We are looking for more feedback from the player base. To do this we are opening up playtesting to any interested members of the alliance community. For those who wish to participate go to the following link...
  20. Auric

    Playtest Feedback form

    We are currently in the middle of a playtest round. When we begin the next round a link will be posted to a feedback form. The form should be submitted by those that have actually playtested the posted rules.