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  1. Ryft

    Racial Language options

    My LARP partner and I have been slowly learning Tolkien based Neo-Sindarin for the Imladari elves (Headquarters chapter; essentially "high elves") that we play, which has been a very rewarding and interesting process, especially as someone who does not learn languages easily. Right now I'm...
  2. Ryft

    Healer's Guild Private Library

    (This broadsheet can be found posted in the Black Stag) To all Scholars, Researchers, and the Improbably Bored of Fairdale-- The Healer's Guild maintains a private library. Persons interested in perusing the library may do so for a small fee. We have recently exhaustively cataloged the...
  3. Ryft

    August Stormbreak Mess Hall menu

    I meant to post this earlier. Apologies for the delay. Thankfully, nobody straight up asked for the menu and made us look really off our game. ;) Heidi and I are primary kitchen staff this event. We're continuing to experiment with menus. Please continue to give us feedback! We do make notes on...
  4. Ryft

    Adventurers needed!

    It has come to my attention that firewood has been in short supply on account of the hostile forest environs of late. Despite this, the townsfolk need firewood, especially as we get into the colder months. And firewood is needed for cooking. Let us not forget about bacon! And freshly ground...
  5. Ryft


    Hello! I've never been to the (new for me) Faire Play site. I saw in an old thread from 2014 that there is one campfire on site? Is this still true? Whereabouts on the site is it located? (I'm getting my spy on using Google satellites...) Is it near the cabins, for cooking convenience, or is it...