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  1. Arbeld

    Character Background

    Hey, so I recently wrote up a brief backstory/history for Bel so I can be more consistent in my characterization and have a few answers to possible questions I could get asked in-game. I read in the rulebook that it’s a good idea to submit this to Plot, too. Is that something I should do? If so...
  2. Arbeld

    This Weekend

    Unfortunately, one of the friends coming with to this weekend's event has not been able to get his Friday shift covered. This means we will not be able to come until Saturday. Will we still be able to partake? Also, is it possible to get a New Player Marshall to help us? This will be our first...
  3. Arbeld

    Newbie Lodging Question

    Hey, I'm new to all this and this weekend will be my first event. Would it be ok if I stayed at my cabin 20 minutes away and just left later on at night and came back early every morning?