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  1. FoxFuzz

    Grey Muzzle Geekery Podcast!

    Hey Everyone! Hopefully you guys don't mind a bit of shameless self promotion here, but two of your own members of Alliance LARP have been working on a Podcast about 'all things geek', at least, from a somewhat older perspective. It's called 'Grey Muzzle Geekery' and can be found on iTunes...
  2. FoxFuzz

    2.0 Weapons...

    So I need to make a weapon or two and was curious if there were any rule changes. Same length? Waylay is still a 'pommel strike' attack? Waylay tips still a thing? (Most latex weapons don't have them.) Figured it was easier to ask here, unless someone wants to point me in the direction of a 2.0...
  3. FoxFuzz

    Sunday One-day Funday Moments!

    Favorite moments? Let's hear them! -Props to Anette eating the Sport Pepper! -The crestfallen look on Draco's face finding out his was the last Aegis. -COOKIES! I'll think of more in a bit! -Gabe R. Player of Haraka & Red Rapscalion!