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  1. Ryker

    Favorite moments

    Hope you all had as much fun as I did. Please share with us your favorite moments. And the things you really like about the game so we can add more things like that for the next game. Mine where the trebuchet battle. Watching the prince get hit by a trebuchet. The live music. Lich outfit and...
  2. Ryker

    Laws of Prince Malidor

    All those entering in and around Malidors outpost will be subject to the laws of Prince Malidor. Death- No murder of citizen races. Period. Conspiracy to commit murder will carry out the same punishment as murder itself. Murder done in self defense or by negligence will be excused on a case by...
  3. Ryker

    Cabin Assignment

    THESE ARE THE SLEEPING ARRANGMENTS! if you have a not paid it means you are paying at the door and providing your own food it will be 10 more for entry and 10 more for food if you want to eat. (NFP)= no food plan. aka providing your own food. or not yet paid for food. (SB) = sharing Bunk The...