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    Sale of some magic items

    The mists have locked me out of Icenia for years, so fates are not allowing my return. Since this is the case, I have items that have been obtained that I no longer use. I will have a courier make an exchange, as I am trying to sell the following. (Please send a private message with offers.)...
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    Break Command 'touch'

    Regarding Break Command: Is the intention of "you must be able to touch the victim" an IG touch, or an OOG touch? Is 'must be able' supposed to be 'close enough to touch'? Example 1) Mr Fighter gets berserked and I prison him so he stops killing his team. If I only need to OOG touch him, then...
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    Non-magic items

    When I put out non-magical items, should the player be able to request an item tag (as if it were a magic item) with the worth printed on it? Should they just be given an Evaluate Item List? The book says items from other chapters 'are complex and may not be able to have a value placed on them...
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    Strongblade discount

    If anyone is ordering a latex weapon, Alliance NJ has a code for 5% off Strongblade's site. It's on the NJ boards, but I'm posting it here since I know I certainly don't read other chapter's threads. Code can be also found on NJ's website:
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    I searched the forums, and couldn't find if this was ever answered: Repel in 2008 had an 'instantaneous' effect, meaning the 'barrier' was up as long as the hand was held up. This allowed a monster to have multiple repels on them at once (as well as not repel themselves and drop it to end a...
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    Non-profit Forms TODAY!

    For any chapters that are non-profit status (or anyone with a non-profit business): There is an IRS form that needs to be submitted to the IRS today. Many non-profit companies do not know this, and will loose their non-profit status. If you are non-profit, please look into this, 990-N Form...
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    Elemental Carrier attacks

    On page 98, the rulebook now list under the "other" effect group the carrier attacks: Flame, Ice, Lightning, Stone. Was there a deliberate change from moving these effects away from Evocation? or was that something overlooked? Before hand, you could have used a cloak/bane Evocation on a "9...
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    Too Much Stuff

    I heard in a recent game that a player was executed for stealing items with the IG excuse of "for an adventurer of your skill (aka level), you have too much stuff. So it obviously must have been stolen." From what I am told, there were no "marked potion vials, no noticeable magic items, it was...
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    Banish Carrier attack

    With a Banish Carrier attack, if you are on your home plane, do you take damage from the attack?
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    Controlled Spirit Store and Item Recall

    If you have a bottle and you loose it / it gets stolen during an event, you currently take a death. What if you have an item recall on the bottle, can you instead turn in the item recall tag? what if the recall is from another chapter? And while the subject is up: if an item you have...
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    Rebirth questions, so I know the answer when if/when it comes up: Character with Rebirth gets engulfed. The creature is not taken down by the time 'Activate Rebirth' takes effect. 1) Am I alive and kill the creature, because my body is reconstructed inside it? 2) Will rebirth buy me another...
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    High Magic: Bane & Cloak

    High magic Bane and Cloak effects do not have a restriction on what schools can be chosen. I think the spirit of the rules was to not include the effect group "other." Otherwise prepare to see: "6 waylay!" "Bane" 30 Explosive 'cloaked' Formal Casters buying 'parries' for 3 build (4 for...
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    Rulebook clarification

    For next edition: On page 134, the Bane and Cloak High magic says that it cloaks "all" effects from that group. Can it be changed to cloak "any" effect from that effect group (once per time bought).
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    Alliance Facebook Application

    Mike, Would you give Dragon stamps to someone who would be able to write a good facebook application? Standard game application with our spell names, some 'events' that commonly happen (like attend a nobles meeting, or battle goblins). The player would slowly gain experience and levels up and...
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    National Caledar

    Mike, Can you please put up the NJ Event: April, 24,25,26 @ Quail Hill Scouting Reservation on the national calendar please. -Dave-