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  1. SorinKatt

    October 415 - Masquerade Ball and Walk of the Dead - Questions

    Tiatar will be hosting the Masquerade and Walk of the Dead again this year. This thread is for OOC questions regarding the event, you can see the IC post here.
  2. SorinKatt

    October 415 - Masquerade Ball and Walk of the Dead

    Come one come all Noble, Adventurer and commoner alike to the annual masquerade ball and walk of the dead festival hosted by the Barony of Tiatar. The event will be held in the Deep Jug Tavern at 8 bells, following dinner. Games, food, Music, dancing and festivities will abound. The gathering...
  3. SorinKatt

    Weapons Policies and Packets

    Weapons Policies on Packets As our game has grown I have started to see a larger and larger variance in the design and construction of packets. Normally, variety is a good thing, it adds color and interest to our game and allows you to make weapons you feel reflect your character and your...
  4. SorinKatt

    Weapon Marshaling at the Mod Day

    Heads up for all you Weekend Modders. I will be on site as Weapons Marshal for the Mod day, so please make sure you get your weapons checked by me before going to your mod. I won't have repair materials beyond a bit of tape and Scissors. Just like the weekend event's every weapon must be checked...
  5. SorinKatt

    Alliance Denver Website Update

    Some updates have been made to the Alliance Denver website. This includes the donations page! If you see any issues with the website going forward please contact me at instead of my personal address for those that have it, it will make sure requests and suggestion...
  6. SorinKatt

    November Photos

    Just a Shout out now that the game is past, if you took any pictures you would like posted on the website, link them to me privately along with how you would like to be credited so I can post them in our gallery!
  7. SorinKatt

    On the Topic of Weddings in the Barony of Tiatar

    From: A Brief Treatise of the Tiatarn Wedding Customs “In ages past, it was considered Fortuitous to sit close to the bride and groom on the day of their wedding. Fate, it was believed smiled upon the couple on such a momentous day and the thought was, that sitting near would allow some of...
  8. SorinKatt

    A Joyous Occasion in the Town of New Acarthia.

    Be it known, that during the November Gather, New Acarthia will host the wedding of Baroness Katheryn Westing Elavir and Sir Eldred Morningtide of Mooncrest, First Knight of Tiatar...
  9. SorinKatt

    Denver Donations Page Update

    The Alliance Denver Donation page has been given a face lift! There is also an updated list of donation needs, if your thinking of bringing or send items to donate for Gobbies, check this list first for the most needed items! As per usual, if you notice anything that needs correction or have...
  10. SorinKatt

    Custom Leather Work

    Yup, I do leather work and I'm open for commissions. You can check out some of my work on my Etsy store. Alliance players, enter ALLIANCE2014 for $5.00 off your order.
  11. SorinKatt


    (Re-posting from Facebook for Trace) Zach (Squire Ri Yarrow) will be available outside Logistics where you check in (the building that is normally the New Acarthia Healers Guild) near the tavern from ***7-9 Friday night*** to check your weapons for safety. I (Dame Katherine Albright) will be in...
  12. SorinKatt

    Phys Rep Vendors

    The purpose of this thread is to organized recommended phys reps for various mundane items such as Lights, Thieves Tools and the like. If you have an item you would like to see, or have a suggestion please post it as a comment so that this list can be updated. Phys Reps on this list have been...
  13. SorinKatt

    Lamp Light Meeting

    Per Guild-master Torgard, There will be a meeting of the Lamp Light Adventurers Guild at 10 Bells before noon behind the tavern. Any currently active members of the guild are invited and encouraged to attend. On the agenda is a discussion of guild direction and vision for the future.
  14. SorinKatt

    New Rule book version

    I saw the new Rule book post, very cool. I was curious if there was any sort of 'things changed' notes, like you get with game and software updates so those of us who have been playing with the rules for a while don't have to go line by line? If we do, oh well, but an update doc would be...
  15. SorinKatt

    Denver Character Creation Day

    What will we do at Character Evening you ask? What a good question. The goal is to talk about character mechanics and help with the nuts and bolts of character creation. We also plan to talk about Acarthia and some of her history and give people some fodder to write out character backgrounds to...
  16. SorinKatt

    January Market Day

    I know it's still a ways off, but I tend to like to plan early. Any word on costs and such relating to the Market Day in January when when we can register for it?
  17. SorinKatt

    Crafting Question

    So quick question about BP and crafting armor. The rule book lists armor in a range by BP cost. Does this mean that for those amount of BP you can get any amount in the range, or is that the BP cost per point in that range? I suspect the former, but the later is possible and a bit scary...