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    Event feedback: "Paths of Conflict"

    Constructive criticism is always appreciated. Please post your thoughts on our December 2019 day event, "Paths of Conflict" below...
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    Preregistering for Season 2: Episode 2 - April 26-28

    Out of Chapter Players: Please communicate with Katie Lewis-Kooring regarding playing in the chapter. In-Chapter Players: We will be without the National Data Base until May 31st. Your Logistics team thanks you for your patience as the transition continues. For the time being and for ALL events...
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    Portrait of an Orc Shaman

    I do character portraits and work through UV activated paints and markers to create a unique image under blacklight. I just wrapped this up for our local Orc Shaman here in Utah, Dry Rot. If you're interested in a portrait of your character, or just something for the holidays, you can...
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    PLAYERS! We NEED your email for the new, updated Logistics Database for the new rules set coming in January. Please email us at with the following information: Email Title: <Your Name> Character Info Your Name Character(s) Name(s) Email you would like to access...
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    Last Minute Registration

    WHAT!?! You haven't PreRegistered yet? Surely you were not waiting for the last possible moment! You have less than a week. Preregistration closes at 11:59pm this Sunday. Please register with Jess Wa's amazeballs pre-reg form at :…/1FAIpQLSd3hqJXQCfqRJhCZ2GhBVaQ6LH… If...
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    Friends- I am very interested in acquiring a number of small explosive charges for mining operations here at Malidor’s Outpost. I may be able to get an associate to pick up these for me or acquire them myself at your gathering. If you have or can acquire said charges for me, I would be most...
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    Last minute character prep/preregistration!

    Players: I’ll be available from noon to six pm today with the database to update your characters in real time in preparation for the event next weekend. Message me here or text 248-910-7812 to schedule a time.
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    Logistics Scheduling

    If you need to update your character, or have any questions about Logistics, I'll be holding weekly sessions Wednesdays 4-5pm where I'll have access to the database where you can contact me in real time to alter your character, spend your build, and generally bug me regarding your characters'...
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    Offer of Education

    To those in need of instruction: I am able to provide services in teaching in a variety of disciplines. Please seek me out during the Gathering of the New Moon if you wish instruction in matters both Arcane and Mundane. -Brother Faux
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    Seeking Spell Book Ink...

    I am in need of more Arcane Pigments to complete my pages within the Libram Arcanus. Any merchants who have spell ink or spare books within their possession, please seek me out at the next gathering or contact me through private Courier. -Brother Faux
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    I am looking for a smith to create me a new athame' - the higher quality, the better. If you have access to silvering tools and methods, please contact me by private messenger. Coin is no concern in this endeavor. -Brother Faux
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    Seeking Hunters...

    I am looking to procure a variety of local florae and faunae for my studies and to further the resources of local guilds. I am currently interested in hiring hunters to bring back LIVE specimens for observation of behavior in captivity. If you so wish to assist; education, goods or monetary...
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    Latex weapon Brands Query

    Has anyone ordered latex weapons from the Quebec-based CoeurdeMithril or NemesisWorkshop on Etsy before? If so, what have been your experiences in legality of the weapons (foam design/thickness) as it pertains to Alliance rules?
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    Goblin/Dragon Point Totals for Players Query

    Staff- With the recent post of asked donations and the offer of Goblin Stamps, those of us who have already donated items, time, or materials, but have not received notification of Goblin and Dragon stamp totals may be reticent to donate further until we get accurate totals of what we have...
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    Libram Arcanus

    I've been applying what I teach in my Calligraphy classes to create a spell book for my celestial caster - so far, I've only got a few pages done, but I'm using these nifty little glittery paint pens for the "Read Magic" text, and simple translations from Viking Runes to English. You can find...
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    We'll be meeting up at Murray Park Sunday the 19th at noon to practice combat skills and scenarios. You can find out more at the FB page:
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    Charm clarification: Please only Alliance LARP Utah Marshals respond.

    I'm interested in a clarification on this from a Marshal, because Buddy described this as a very slow and deliberate charming of the Travelers when recounting the experience in our post-game talks at Chuck -A-Rama on Sunday. In the rules, I've always found the wording on Charm to be open to RP...
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    Scripts and Prose

    Having ventured within the Ruins of Old, I and others came upon pages of singular text that many are interested in translating. At this time, I could only get limited information from Captain Riker regarding the nuances of the script, but as of this writing, I am compiling notes from the three...