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  1. EdgarKingmaker

    Sky Magic Runes?

    So, I'm carving a wand, and I thought it'd be cool to put some canon sky magic symbols on it. So I was wondering if such a thing exists, and what they look like.
  2. EdgarKingmaker

    Rodent Ears

    More specifically, rat ears. Naked, pink, rat ears. I am looking to re–complete my Warpfang outfit. So it seems, that the only piece of costuming that I'm missing now is my ears. Found my tail, and my teeth, but my ears have been lost into the void of time. The problem is, I don't remember...
  3. EdgarKingmaker

    Character Art

    Hi there! I used to play a character named Warpfang a while ago. Since then, I've used him as a stand in for a lot of strange art situations. Like... Clearly not canonical to his old adventure. Honestly, I can't remember them clearly enough to put them to art. I remember there was the...
  4. EdgarKingmaker

    Looking for Ride (Chambersburg)

    I'd like to go to this weekend's event and NPC, but it appears I may not have a ride. I was wondering if there's anyone in the south-central PA area in or around Fredrick County that'd be interested in giving me a ride up to the event. I can pay for gas, and can try to be entertaining with...
  5. EdgarKingmaker

    8 Years Out

    Hi there! I used to play rather often, but haven't had good opportunity in quite some time. I was actually looking for an introductions area for the forum, but I suppose here is good, too. I'm looking to get back out there and play again. Maybe NPC a few events, get used to the rules again, as...