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  1. Christopher

    [.11] Channeling / Enhanced Wand / Oak of the Archmage

    Okay I am a bit confused here so please stick with me. If you were to cast Enhanced Wand on a staff do you still require Oak of the Archmage to use the staff as a channeling device or does the ritual do that on its own? Is it possible to have Enhanced wand cast on a staff for both schools...
  2. Christopher

    Dragonreach Advisement

    Delivered by a lightly armored courier on horseback. He pulls one parchment from a stack many just like it, nails it to the board, and moves swiftly down the road passing through town. Dragonreach Advisement To All citizens of Dragonreach. In addition to expected increased elemental...
  3. Christopher

    Discord Server

    We have set up a discord server for everyone to keep in touch. This is not to take away from the forums just another option that will allow for text and voice chat rooms and possibly make it easier for players and plot to stay in touch with each other. Hopefully everyone will enjoy being able...
  4. Christopher

    Question about Roefield

    Does Roefield have a banner? If so what is it, if not Sarro will you please pick a banner for your duchy so I can make and wear a favor. thanks
  5. Christopher

    [.11] Appears to heal me

    Please please please please please, put "got it appears to heal me" back in! It was extremely annoying, distracting and emersion breaking to hear players constantly asking "are you healed" with what felt like every weapon swing or spell thrown.
  6. Christopher

    So amazing

    I just wanted to take a moment to say again what a wonderful time I had at this event (September 7-9). I truly look forward to joining you all on a regular basis. Everyone was so friendly and fun to play with even with the stress of testing a new rule set i feel like the mood was always high. I...
  7. Christopher

    character historys

    Going through i dont see that many character historys.......... even if you have sent one in the past please forward a copy to