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  1. daengermouse


    Posters are placed in the common areas of the Lux: WANTED ALIVE: REWARD Be it known that the Hobling Diggs is wanted alive to answer for murder in the first degree. He was last seen on 15 June 119 wearing a red doublet with white accents, playing a penny whistle. Any tips leading to his...
  2. daengermouse

    A new recruit

    Evo enters the Sanctum towers with Jinn and Calan. He finds a Lore Teacher on duty and instructs them: "Please welcome Calan to the Arcane Sanctum. He will need to register with the guild immediately, and will begin his training under Jinn. We'll find him a bed here for now, and I'd like to...
  3. daengermouse

    Escorting the Refugees

    Evo shouts in the commons: " All charitable souls wishing to aid the unfortunate, please assemble! Also any Sanctum members not already engaged, whether you wish it or not!" He waits patiently, explaining to Shiv, "This march should have started already but much has happened of late. Now that...
  4. daengermouse

    A unique list

    Parked in a better-lit table in the tavern, Evo takes a drink from his tankard. With a dark frown and obsessive concentration, he takes pen to parchment. When at last the draft is finished, he makes copies of the missive himself, wanting no errors in scribing from a second hand. He posts a copy...