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  1. Redcloud


    ::copied from the sages guildwall:: Did anyone from the sages guild get a copy of the etchings from the wall of the catacombs we opened saturday night? If possible, could you either leave a copy (on the sages guildwall) or send me a copy via courrier? Thanks Redcloud
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    Did anyone from the sages guild get a copy of the etchings from the wall of the catacombs we opened saturday night? If possible, could you either leave a copy here or send me a copy via courrier? Thanks Redcloud
  3. Redcloud

    Spring cleaning and early Mother's Day sales

    Its been a long winter and I've been busy doing alot of work in my workshop to fine tune my skills. As such, I have an abundance of wares to clear out. Also, Mother's day is just over a month away so get a jump on shopping with some hand made jewlery. All items are going to be on sale for 1G...
  4. Redcloud

    Unscaled season?

    Is this season unscaled like last season was?
  5. Redcloud

    The thaw approaches

    Now that the ground is starting to soften enough to mine again, it's time to reorganize and regroup. Who will be around in about a months time to start off the new guild year? Redcloud
  6. Redcloud

    Did ya'll do the thing?

    Did you guys finally stuff that big bad ooey gooey nightmare back into his lil hole.... or is he gonna be waiting for us (collectively) when we get together again? If he's still free and can hear this, I'm just asking for a few friends... hee hee... -Redcloud
  7. Redcloud

    New Tavern invitation and celebration

    To all who desire to test their skill and compete for glory, The Black Forest hereby invites the adventuring populace to join us at our Manor, "The Blackhallow", during the week of the Sugar Sun Celebration. Aside for the revelry, we challenge you to hunt nightmares on our lands and collect...
  8. Redcloud

    Tree of Life Jewelers now taking custom orders!

    My fellow adventures, Looking for something to liven up the wardrobe, a gift for that special someone, a trinket to enchant, or just a little knick-knack? Well then, we've got what you need. Many of you have seen my wares in the past, many of you have purchased from me as well. I pride myself...
  9. Redcloud

    Spring is here, and we gather...

    Sapharia, Will you be at the first gather ofvthe spring. As the long winter thaws, I think we have much to discuss. If not, let me know and I will handle guild business for the duration. Redcloud
  10. Redcloud

    Master Thesis

    Anyone who may know.... I have been working on my Master thesis and almost have it ready. I know to whom I must submit it, it's the timing of submission that vexes me. Do I wait until I have enough points for promotion to submit, or can I submit in advance, and get promoted when I reach the...
  11. Redcloud

    Ye were nae always such a strong adventurer...

    'Tis true! 'Tis true! Once upon a time thou weren't event capable of feeding thyself, clothing thyself, cleaning thyself.... How did you survive? The answer is simple! Your Matron, Your Mother, Your Lifegiver... Whatever you may call her, you owe her a great deal. Why not get a great deal of...
  12. Redcloud


    Will you be posting the updated points for the guild soon? -Red
  13. Redcloud

    Gold to $ conversion

    Ok, i know this is a lil unorthodox, but I need opinions. As you may or may not have read, I will be looking to sell some homemade jewelry at the upcoming event, however I can not seem to come up with a consistant exchange for IG money to OOG money.... if i got with what i've heard as the...
  14. Redcloud

    Jewelry for sale at next gather

    Come one, come all. In an attempt to further my own skill and perhaps make a little coin, I shall be crafting some pieces of gemstone and semi-precious mineral jewelry and bringing them to the next gather for sale! I will do my best to have a variety of things to satisfy all tastes and price...
  15. Redcloud

    Doomed to repeat it...

    My friends, my fellow adventurers, townspeople, and even those who may not like me, I have spent many a night doing research, thinking about things that have recently transpired, and reading over materials from a time many lived through yet did not happen... yet. As some of my fellow...
  16. Redcloud

    Tournament Results?

    Would anyone who was present give a breif recap of the tourney for those of us who couldn't be there to participate? I am most eager to hear how it went and who was victorious. -Redcloud
  17. Redcloud

    The those travelling to fairdale this weekend

    Over the past year, since the last halloween, the Black Forest has been dealing with a foul creature who will be of great importance this halloween. I will endeavor to impart all of my knowledge here, as serious illness will keep me from making the journey. On the last Halloween, some of...
  18. Redcloud

    Cake or Death?!
  19. Redcloud

    Baron Rorii or Squire Darlassia

    I have some information that I would like to pass on to you, but not in such a public forum. It pertains to events that happened last Halloween. Please contact me when you can. Redcloud