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  1. Layn

    Two handed Weapons and Critical Attack

    Is it intended that if you pop two critical attacks with a two handed weapon you only get 2 and not the 3 damage buff from it like Weapon Profs? There seems to be no wording in the rules that says you get the bonus damage that I can see. Wondering if it was just overlooked or on purpose? Same...
  2. Layn

    Fantastical Wares for Purchase!

    Dreams of profit and plunder fill my head as I am about to head out twoards the Vordium Shard! I am looking to buy and sell all I can during my excursion and I wanted to get a heads up jump out so that people know what I can offer and what I am looking for. So to start, items for sale (All MI...
  3. Layn

    DA Ritual for auction (Scroll Travels)

    Hello friends, I have been tasked to sell off two rituals scrolls which are sadly well above mine and my allies caliber. One is a Damage Aura Scroll that both the scroll and the magicks can travel the mist freely and the other is a Spirit Walk Scroll with the same properties. Most/All of the...