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  1. Lemmonaid

    Setting acurate music?

    I love to sing and play music, and i would like to carry that over to the game! However, I'm not quite sure what kind of music would be acceptable in the setting. Should I dig deep to find renaissance and medieval era songs, or is just basic 'fantasy' music fine. As for instruments, would i need...
  2. Lemmonaid

    Period/Setting music?

    I'm throwing around the idea of my character being a musician, and I was wondering what kind of songs/music would fit the setting? I'm a singer and (ametur) giutarist, so my main skill-set (in therms of instruments) resides in strumming instruments. Should I splurge on a 100% period-accurate...
  3. Lemmonaid

    Antlers and wooden armor

    Heyyyy back at it again. I have 2 questions this time: 1- is it possible for a MWE using the national packet to have small antlers as horns? or is that to similar wo wildkin. 2- is there a limit on thickness/material for 'wood' armor? Obviously thick, real wood would be hard to play in (and...
  4. Lemmonaid

    Costuming questions!

    Hello! I have a few questions about costuming, specifically prosthetics and such. First of all: are there restrictions on what colors MWE horns can be? Obviously no wildly bright things, but what about grey, or slightly shimmery horns, things like that. And 2: if you have to buy new prosthetics...
  5. Lemmonaid

    MWE class suggestions?

    Hello!! I'm looking to attend an event in the coming year, and super want to play a Wood Elf! I even have a small little backstory planned out. However, I'm still caught up on class. I'm not sure if I want to play an Adept or a Scholar. I'm leaning towards Scholar (Celestial Caster) but I've had...
  6. Lemmonaid

    Possible New Player?

    I don't know If I'm allowed to post here if I haven't registered to play yet.. Oops? Anyhow, I'll be turning 16 in June of this coming year, and I'm planning on attending an Ashbury event at that time. However, none of my parents or older siblings are interested in larping, so I'd have nobody to...
  7. Lemmonaid

    (Wrong Board)

    (the message was posted to the wrong board by mistake, and has been deleted)