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  1. Da Green Skinz

    Laws of Ravensong

    I apologize for the wait, we have been very busy since last market. Here are the laws of our home Ravensong. His Grace Duke Veskel Albatross’s word is law, no exception. All citizens retain the right to self-defense. Thieves, bandits, and murderers shall be charged based upon their crimes...
  2. Da Green Skinz

    Bill's pumpkins strike AGAIN!

    Hay y'all! Sooo after all that crazy happened I've got a little land and made another gourd farm.... mostly pumpkins though. Well their moving around again, I really need ya help with this. -Farmer Bill
  3. Da Green Skinz

    The day to day panic

    --This is what you see coming up to market, due to no folk seem to have time to gossip-- The field hands and farmers have been scrambling to pull in harvest after the first snow fell early and maniacal laughter was heard through the lands that day. Redfield guards are running towards the woods...
  4. Da Green Skinz

    Performance contest

    There is a performance contest for those who wanna show case their talent. Just wanna give a heads up so you have some time to practice.
  5. Da Green Skinz

    Rumors from Mill

    "Have you seen the rat people? It's like they come from nowhere and they look like their looking." "Yeah! As I told it something it cut its hand and rubbed a copper in it. Disgusting rats!" "I've seen less Gnomes, I bet their up to something." "I miss Pella's Wish, though I guess here isn't...
  6. Da Green Skinz

    On the return

    Well it has been a moment since I last dreamed. I have found my family, alive and thriving. I bring my matron back with me, she is in need of your help. Though the journey back is quicker it is not as quick as I'd like. My matron as been erratic so far and shows no sign of stopping, thus the...
  7. Da Green Skinz

    August Event Competition

    Hello, I would just like to inform people we hope you would make some sweet treat(s) to share with the town Friday night as part of a fun competition. Bring yo best treat! P.S. You can not use the kitchen
  8. Da Green Skinz

    You are cordially invited

    Dear Residents of Horizon, Baron Petrus and his barony has been selected to host court that would be fit for His Grace Duke Albatross. His Grace wishes this noble court to be a time of congratulations for Sir Knight Fionna on her rise to her new glorious and honorable station, and to give a...
  9. Da Green Skinz

    My travel so far

    I wake up, eyes wide, in shock to the day star peaking through the trees. It still bewilders me that these are no longer the lands I used to stalk beasts. I feel like most days a newly born fawn being hunted by a beast I can not see. I do shake this feeling of unease over the course of these...
  10. Da Green Skinz

    If your out there...

    I reach out to you my matron, if you have been made a new let me know. I am Stellarin of House Greywing and I wish to return to you. Reach out to me in these dreams as I travel to search for you. - Stellarin Greywing
  11. Da Green Skinz

    I hear them...

    I hear them... even now as I dream. They claw at the walls, and smash their crude weapons against my door. My fear was right, they want me. I must prepare myself to fight. These monsters will not take me without a struggle. - Herbalist Gillia
  12. Da Green Skinz

    An Idea!

    Adventures, Hello, my name is Gillia, from what I have been told yesterday that many of you are coming in our time of need. If there are enough of you I might have a plan to get all the denizens off the island. Though I fear they are coming for me. The creatures have attempted to take me twice...
  13. Da Green Skinz

    Rumors from the wild

    Shut up Gary! Nahhh. Oh Wow! That's a big rock over there! Hey those plants ain't trying to choke me no more. Would you look at that! Some undead are walking about. They didn't bother me much. Really slow. Eniarr came back from exploring rather winded. I wonder what happened? Those people...
  14. Da Green Skinz

    Bloody thieves!

    "Bloody thieves! Kobolds be take'n everything that ain't nailed down! Some are actually trying to take da nails!" -Ol' Rusty
  15. Da Green Skinz

    My farm was swallowed.

    "I don't know what happened but the ground started to shake and bandits sprang from the woods, started to sack me farm. As me and me family ran for our lives the ground shook again then started to fall inwards. I didn't see if the bandits made it, but there is now a hole in the ground where my...
  16. Da Green Skinz

    Silk Glove from a non-silky Princess

    "Oi! Can anyone can point me in the direction of my........ princess." Waving a white silky glove around, hammer head resting on the ground yet handle firm in hand.