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    Any people around Sacramento area?

    I'm interested in checking out your guys LARP but I live pretty far away. Are there any people from my area carpooling down there or maybe people from out lying areas? Like any Davis people?
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    I'm new here and had some questions I wanted to ask. The LARP looks very cool and I love the costumes I've seen. Far better than any non boffer larps I've been in. I live in Northern CA and going to SF is a bit far for a LARP, especially with gas prices and such. Is there any chance at all of...
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    I'm new here but not new to Boffer LARPS. Your LARP looks very cool but sadly I live in California and I see that you have NO Chapters out here. The only LARPs I get to play in is Vampire and I really miss some of the boffer style LARPs. (Mostly for the cool costuming.) There was an IFGS chapter...
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    Costuming help?

    I was wondering if anyone out there could tell me how to make a decent "Tiefling" style costume with horns and devil tail? I'd love to learn how to create my own tail that actually looks decent and I could perhaps pose as well. I don't play in Alliance LARP though. I'd like to but you guys are...