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  1. Tzydl Zhitelava

    Work Day at Camp

    Mike is planning on replacing the roof of the old celestial building on Memorial Day weekend. Any help will be much appreciated. Even if it is just hauling wood, toting ladders, etc. This will hopefully give the game a room to have mods, etc.
  2. Tzydl Zhitelava

    Clean Up Day?

    Did I totally miss a post about clean up day?
  3. Tzydl Zhitelava

    SM Metalurgy

  4. Tzydl Zhitelava

    June Faves

    NPCs.... you just never EVER fail to amaze me. Especially in the heat. You just keep going like Energizer bunnies!! Almost running over Dan as we were pulling out - SORRY DAN!! Conversations with Keely about the Wyrm. Plotting murder most foul. Ulak Kashana - Poor Kashana HEHEHEH Making a...
  5. Tzydl Zhitelava

    To Ria Sevaria

    I have sent a message to you privately. Please respond as soon as possible. Thank you. Tzydl
  6. Tzydl Zhitelava

    September Faves

    I have to say that one of my most favorite things this entire weekend was the help we got cleaning NPC camp at the end!!! We were done in like 30 minutes instead of 2 hours thanks to Will, Meghan, Evan, Sean, Kevin, Stacy, Mike, Sean's team (sorry I don't know your names), tall guy with long...
  7. Tzydl Zhitelava

    First Forest and other oddities

    Akanis! Akanis! You never write back! Are you gonna be here in June? I'm running out of green wax sticks! Bring other brothers and sisters to the gathering in the Hollow in June. I'm going to come too. Tempesta
  8. Tzydl Zhitelava

    Lost and Found May Event

    A pair of boots were found. Describe the boots and where you think you left them. Email me at and let me know who you are. PS...PLEASE let me know. These books look like they will fit me....JUST SAYIN'!
  9. Tzydl Zhitelava

    Donations List as of April 2013

    Okay folks here goes The Usual Suspects: Mehron make up (or other brand name that is equal in quality) white black green grey brown blue red yellow any color that you find that is really cool and think "hey I'd like to see a creature come out that was (insert color here)" elf ears (these can...
  10. Tzydl Zhitelava


    Hey guys, just thought I'd let you know that Birka is next weekend, January 25 and 26. It's in Manchester, NH. This is an SCA event but open to anyone who is dressed in pre 17th century attire. It is a market day. Adults cost $17 at the door and children under 13 are free. There are alot of good...
  11. Tzydl Zhitelava

    Lost and Found at NPC Camp

    a zipper hoodie a pull over hoodie a blanket if you can identify size and color can either ship me a self addressed package to send it to you, OR wait til spring...up to you I really like the blanket so whoever you are..claim it quick! Jena
  12. Tzydl Zhitelava

    Children of Autumn

    Akanis - if you are reading this I was wondering if you will be in the Hollow for the gathering that is happening in November. I am planning on returning to the Hollow. It has been a long time. Please tell other of our brothers and sisters to join us here in the Hollow from other lands if they can.
  13. Tzydl Zhitelava

    July Faves

    Was going to post this last night but decided to wait until morning so as not to look too eager. But I still got here first HEHEHE The NPCs were superheros. We all had to run around or walk around in the miserable heat and humidity...but they did it with masks on and with tabards and stuff...SO...
  14. Tzydl Zhitelava

    Enslavement Antidotes

    If you need Enslavement Antidotes you must send me a letter at least four weeks in advance of a gathering. The price is 1 gold per antidote unless you have me make a double batch and then you will pay for the extra cost of my ingredients and the use of my entire lab for just your needs. If you...
  15. Tzydl Zhitelava

    Personal Items In NPC Camp

    So...while doing this month's laundry (and last months) I found a grey hoodie, white under armour, black tshirts, and a few other "normal" people clothing items. Seriously, I do love you all, but I ain't yo mama. If I find anything good I will be keeping it from now on.... just kidding, but...
  16. Tzydl Zhitelava

    June Faves

    The NPCs did a fantastic job. What troopers!! Fighting all day and all night in the rain! Seriously you guys are amazing. Thanks to whoever built the bug masks because WOW that was awesome!! (I think it was Rachel?) Thanks to Sam for stepping up to the logistics plate. You rock lady...
  17. Tzydl Zhitelava

    November 2012 Event?

    I know it said TBA...just wondering if an announcement was forthcoming...coming people can get their dates they want off to their bosses...
  18. Tzydl Zhitelava

    Healer's Guild Building

    Okay. So as some of you may know (those of you who play characters that are invested in the Earth Circle) the healers guild is raunchy. It stinks of animal urine and I'm pretty sure the insulation in the ceiling has molded or rotted and is going to cause us all harm at some point in time (or at...
  19. Tzydl Zhitelava

    April 2012 Event Faves!

    Kainen leading me step by step through killing a mechanical man. That was the awesomest kill I ever got to do! Realizing that alot of the stuff we were fighting was breathing!!! I love getting to use gas. Wearing my new hat in game! Hobbling Hold'em Seeing everyone again. The NPCs rocking...
  20. Tzydl Zhitelava

    Guy Fawkes Day

    Hey Staff (Dan)~ Thanks for the best Guy Fawkes Day present edict for my character to get riled up at her government about....HEHEHEH The alchemists should not fear their justicars Justicars should fear their alchemists HEHEHEHEH too fun! Nice job guys and gals!